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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects


Cancerous polyp removal

Hello to you all, I am pleased I found this forum, this is my story so far:

After submitting an abnormal sample to the bowel cancer screening programme it was subsequently discovered after a colonoscopy that one of the two polyps they had removed was cancerous, apparently it contained precancerous cells as well as true cancerous cells. I have now had a further procedure in which the surgeon carried out an examination under anesthesia using ultrasound. This has revealed no evidence of residual disease and scar area is healing well.
The problem is that the cancerous polyp was removed from the area close to the spincter and as such the potential for future radical surgery should it be required is extremely limited and a permanent colostomy would be inevitable. In addition the histology report states that the cancerous cells were contained in the polyp down to the margin of excision which is why the surgeon subsequently revisited the area the polyp was removed from. The plan now is monitor me very closely every three months via a signoscopy examinantion with CT and MRI scans yearly henceforth.
I am amazed by the speed in which they are moving on this, it has only been a month since the initial colonoscopy. How do you deal with the waiting? I should be better at dealing with cancer as I lost my Dear Wife to it two years ago, but I dont seem able to deal with the waiting and the fear of a colostomy. The team looking after me are amazing people with such dedication. I would appreciate any comments from anyone on here....Thanks


Sorry forgot to add that I am staged at T1 and I have had MRI and CT scans as well.


Hi sorry to hear you are feeling anxious, and it must be worse having lost your wife to cnacer so recently .. it must bring back layers of memories for you


you really need to try and focus on the really good news that this has been spotted very early ... and you may well not need any more treatment .. fingers crossed ...

but if you DO and they have to give you a stoma, well, tbh, I did find that having a stoma was not easy at first, but you really really can adapt to it, well most ppl can, and do ... "better a bag than dead" is the usual mantra of ostomates!


Hi John!

I have had a permanant ileostomy for 19 months now, yes, it plays up from time to time, but I am alive and never let it stop me doing anything, it's just another way of going to loo, that's how I look at it!

Get on with life as it is now, you are being very brave having lost your wife to cancer recently. The waiting for scans and the results is the worst time for everyone and seems to be something you can either deal with or not, the best is to occupy yourself, go out, whatever distracts you best.

It's early days for you, you will come to terms with everything, but it will take a while, so be patient.

Best wishes, Alison


Good luck with everything John, I have low rectal cancer and a permenant bag and its not a problem ( you can also try the irrigation should you end up with a permenant bag )


stef :x:


Hi John

It is! good that you have found the forum as there will be lots of support and advice here for you. We have all commented at some point that the waiting on results is the worst bit, best advice is trying to just keep occupied with other things where you can. The others have given great advice on the issue of having a colostomy. Good luck and please keep us updated on how things go.


Thank you all for the help and advice, as I said previously its goodn to know this forum is here. Good luck to you all.