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scared dave

ulcerative colitis, worsening.

Hello all, I cant believe I am now posting on a cancer forum for myself!

I have ulcerative colitis and have recently had a change in bowel habits and a new pain in my abdomen as well as itching, I went to the doctors yesterday and have had hemarhoids confirmed.

The doctor did pause on my stomach exam at a point which was quite tender and when I got home I felt this point myself and can feel a very small lump under the skin, obviously I have read all the internet horror stories but due to having ulcerative colitis I am more likely to get bowel cancer than most, this has scared the living hell out of me. I do have an appointment for a flexible sigmoidoscopy in about two weeks to check on my ulcerative colitis and I am going to mention the lump and pain. What do you guys think?
I am only 32 and had my mum pass away less than two years ago to lung cancer, I dont want to go out like that, I'm really scared of the possibility of cancer but can only wait for the results of the sigmoidoscopy.

Any advice is more than welcome.

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Hi Dave

Welcome to our forum, it is a very supportive helpful place for those of us who are affected by bowel cancer or like you wonder if this is something that you might be facing. It is great that you have already seen the doctor but it does sound to me as though you need to pursue things a bit more.
I think as you are having the flexible sigmoidoscopy you must ask about the lump. You are only 32 and we have found on the forum that age can often affect a GP's response to the presenting symptoms so you really do need to get them sorted out fully. Having said that, although you may be at higher risk it still could be anything and i think for you with your particular diagnosis of ulcerative colitis it would be a good idea to discuss your particular concerns with the Nurses who work at beating bowel cancer 08450 719301, they are really supportive and have good medical knowledge to advise you with.
I am sorry to hear that you lost your mum only a short time ago and this coupled with the fear that you might be affected by cancer is of course very scary. We have all been there and know how you feel and it is normal to feel this way. What i think we would all say.....i am sure other members of the forum will be along later :) is that not knowing is worse than knowing even if it is bad news. This time of noticing symptoms or waiting for results is difficult and if you can find ways of taking your mind off it as much as possible should help you through.
Dave there are lots of examples here of when people thought that they had cancer and they didn't, but you still need to get these symptoms looked at further
Please let us know how you get on too, we really like to hear how people have got on.
Take Care Hazel

scared dave

Hello Hazel, thank-you for the reply, yes it is scary and I do hope I dont have the big "C", I probably should have mentioned that I am also very tired all the time, have blood in the toilet almost everytime I go and I have lost half a stone in the last couple of months....

I know I am showing all the signs which is why I have ended up here, I will try to stay positive but as I am sure you know, its easier said than done.

Life is hard at the best of times and at my age the last thing I want galloping round my mind is the possibility of cancer.

I will up-date my progress as soon as I have more information on my condition.

Thanks again.


You're welcome Dave, there is another thread here by the way for people who are younger which you may find helpful. www.beatingbowelcancer.org/forum/index.php/board,31.0.html that is the link to it. There are also a wealth of information booklets and factsheets too www.beatingbowelcancer.org/booklets-factsheets have a look through. Again i really would suggest you call the nurses as they will be happy to discuss your concerns especially as you have ulcerative collitis.
It sounds as if you need to get some blood tests done too, as you are tired you maybe at risk of being anaemic another symptom of the disease, but of other things too!
It is a balancing act trying to ensure that visitors to the site ensure that they do get symptoms checked as we know early diagnosis means a greater chance of beating the disease, without making people feel that this is what they have. Only having the right investigations will ensure this and discount it.
Good Luck ...Hazel

Jenny Nurse Advisor

Hi Dave,

I'm so sorry you have been worried about new symptoms you have experienced, which is bound to have triggered thoughts back to having lost your mum to cancer two years ago.

It is a good thing that you have now got a sigmoidoscopy appointment planned from your GP, though appreciate the wait can feel like an eternity. It will be likely that your GP has noted feeling the lump, as you say, when he felt your tummy and paused. This combined with abdominal pain you have felt, may be any number of things that could simply be a progressive change with your Ulcerative Colitis, and not necessarily be bowel cancer.

Thanks, Hazel, for your great advice as always.

Please keep in touch and let us know how the investigations go. Feel free to give us a call if you'd like to talk any thing through.

(Nurse Advisor)


Hi Dave, my husband has ulcerative colitis and your symptoms do sound very like the ones he's experienced, it often comes in cycles, sometimes unfortunately, each one a bit worse than the one before, although this isn't always the case. There are some marvellous drugs out there now for this condition and I'm sure part of the reason you are having the sigmoidoscopy is to determine if your u/c has had a relapse. Of course bowel cancer will be taken into consideration too and as any one with u/c knows their risk of bowel cancer is increased.

One of the things that comes hand in hand with cancer is the fear. You have not yet been diagnosed with it, but in your head you have more or less convinced yourself that you have, so every little ache, pain and itch will be cancer related in your head! All of us cancer patiens have 'been there' it's perfectly normal, so try not to worry too much as anxiety as I'm sure you know will only exacerbate any symptom or condition!

The others as usual have all given you excellent advice, so until you have the results of your sigmoidoscopy, try to relax and do enjoyable things to take your mind off your worries, they certainly won't cure them!

As the others have said, please update us when you hear the results and have the time.

Best wishes, Alison

scared dave

Hello peoples, sorry I havent replied yet, been fearful and in a bit of pain recently...
Anyway, I had my sigmoidoscopy yesterday and the consultant made no indication that there may be cancer, only a very inflamed colon from the ulcerative colitis.

I'm sure I will end up on this forum at some point on a more regular basis but it seems for now at least I am just going to struggle on with the ulcerative colitis.

I really appreciate your responses and wish you all the best for the future... I'd like to add that in my opinion being of ill health is hard but its alot harder when we get depressed about it so have been finding new ways to keep as happy as I can and I advise everybody and anybody to try it, it cant do any bad can it...

Good luck for the summer months everyone and keep taking care of yourselves...



Hi Dave,

Just wondered if you have been told about diet and ulcerative colitis as certain foods can exacerbate the condition and are to be avoided, especially during a flare up!

I have enclosed a link for you to look at about diet www.ulcerativecolitis.org.uk/dietarychanges.htm and www.crohns.org.uk/Docs/4/uc/Diet%20in%20Ulcerative%20Colitis.html

Hope this is some help. do hope your flare up calms down soon.

Best wishes, Alison


Hi Dave

Thanks for letting us know that investigations haven't turned up bowel cancer, it will be really helpful for others who visit the site to know that it isn't always what is wrong, and good luck to you with your managment of the condition, and many happy days! :)