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Posts in this section can only be replied to by the Beating Bowel Cancer nurses. If you wish other users to respond to your question you will need to post it in another topic on the forum as well.


Our nurse helpline is available via 24/7 answerphone service on 0208 973 0011. If you are unwell or have an urgent enquiry please contact your GP or hospital team.

The Beating Bowel Cancer nurses are part of our forum and will respond to all questions that are posted in the ‘Talk to the Beating Bowel Cancer Nurses’ board. This would be aimed to be done within 2 working days.

They may also post in other boards to explain some background, or clarify Beating Bowel Cancer’s position or to provide support when appropriate.

Please remember that you can always ring us as well. The number, which can be found at the top of this website at all times, is 020 8973 0011
Our nurse helpline is operated via a 24/7 answerphone service. Please leave your name and contact number and we will aim to return your call within 2 working days.