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Beating Bowel Cancer Community

Welcome to our forum


Welcome to Beating Bowel Cancer Community!


Welcome to the Beating Bowel Cancer Community – a place for anyone affected by bowel cancer to talk about their experiences, share their knowledge and support each other.

Key things patients and families affected by bowel cancer ask us about is how to connect with others in similar situations and how they can work together to help support the charity.

Currently Beating Bowel Cancer provides different ways for patients, families and supporters to connect – including our online forum, social networks and events. Our vision is to bring all supporters– whether they are patients, families, fundraisers or volunteers – together in one place.

Community is a place where anyone affected by bowel cancer can find other patients, relatives, volunteers or events in their area.

Patients and relatives will be able to contact each other for support, anyone interested in fundraising or volunteering can find like-minded people near them, and most importantly we hope that when the map is completely populated, it will help people affected by bowel cancer feel less alone.

The community will also incorporate a forum where we’ll encourage people to connect with each other.

This may be the first time you’ve used an online forum, so we’ve created this guide to help you understand how it works and how to get the best out of it.

What you need

To post on our forum, you’ll first need to register (if you haven't already). There is a link to register at the top right of the home page.

Click Register to begin.

You’ll need to provide a Display name/username, email address and password.

Important note: Remember that posts on the forum can be seen by anyone browsing the web. All pages and posts are indexed by search engines such as Google. We don’t recommend using your full name.

If the username you selected is already used, an alert message will appear once you've submitted the registration form and you will be able to choose a different username.
Email confirmation

When you register, we will send confirmation to your email address. Click on the link provided which will take you to the Community.

Once you've registered and confirmed your registration, you can log in and begin participating!
Signing in

Enter your Login name and Password at the top of the Community homepage and click on the ‘Sign In’ button.

If a message ‘Sorry, this email or username is not registered’ appears and you forgot your login name or password, click the ‘Forgot password?’ text link and we'll help you with getting access to your account.
Posting a question

If you’d like to post a question, first you need to find the right section to ask your question. For example, if you want to share your worries about bowel cancer symptoms, you'll want to visit the ‘Talk to the Beating Bowel Cancer Nurses?’ board.

Tip: Coloured number next to the board marks a number of unread threads since your last visit.
Starting a new topic

To create your own new conversation or ‘topic’, simply select the relevant then click on the ‘Start a topic’ button on the top right-hand side of the page.

Once clicked, you will see a ‘Topic title’ area and a ‘Your message’ area.

In the field – the ‘Topic title’ field – type a title for your message.
In the box– the ‘Your message’ area – type your post. Put details about your topic here.

You can use the controls to change some aspects of your post. You can add smiley faces using the smiley menu. You can format the text at the character or paragraph level.

When you are happy with your post, click the ‘Create’ button. Your topic will be added to the board for everyone to read.

Tip: If you’re posting a new topic, try to make the title clear, so that people will know what the post is about when they see it in the list of latest posts.

Safety tip: For your own safety; please don’t post any account-specific details or personal information that could be used to identify you. Everything posted on our community is available for the public to view.
To add a reply to a post

There are two ways to reply – either to a specific post or a whole topic.

If you want to add a reply to an existing topic you can do this by entering text at the bottom of the ‘thread’ in the reply box and clicking ‘Send’.

To write a response to a particular post, use the ‘Reply’ option from the drop down menu next to a post.

You'll see a screen similar to the ‘Start a topic’ screen, but with a couple of differences:

• Your post will automatically quote the person which you are replying to
• When you post a reply, it will be added to the existing thread. It won't create a new thread

We’ve also included a ‘like’ button next to each post as a way of quick acknowledgment of someone’s contribution to the topic, without necessarily requiring a reply.

Don’t worry if you’ve made a mistake once you posted your reply, you are able to edit your post by simply clicking on the arrow next to it again and selecting ‘Edit’.
Tagging posts

There are lots of really great conversations on our forum, which is why we encourage members to tag other users in a topic if they want to attract their attention to it.

To do this you would type ‘@’ and ‘username’ in your reply to a topic (e.g. @user will send a notification to this person with that username)
Private Messages
Only you and the person who sent the message can view these.

You can access your messages by clicking on ‘Messages’ in the top navigation bar.

Once you’ve opened the message you’ll have the option to reply to it. Your reply will be posted to the sender and will remain private.

We do allow private messaging on this forum, but please do respect other members' privacy when using this facility, and remember that everyone here is experiencing a difficult time themselves.

In some instances we may need to send you a Private Message. For example, if we need to ask you for account-specific details to assist with a query.
Take the forum with you

Got a web enabled mobile device or smart phone?

Our forum is completely responsive, so you don't need to be near a PC to check for an answer to your post, or ask a question on the forum, just access it on your smartphone or tablet.
What happens next?

We’ve got a great forum full of friendly, supportive and knowledgeable people on-hand to help. You may get a response from another member of the forum or, if not, one of our moderators will pop in to respond.

Don’t worry if you don’t get a response straight away, it can take a few hours on a forum for someone to reply to your post.

Tip: A small ‘Staff’ or ‘Administrator’ badge next to a profile name identifies a member as Beating Bowel Cancer staff. Stars represent person’s activity on the forum and hovering over them will show the number of posts that user has made on the forum.

Keeping our forum friendly and safe

We want our forum to be an open and friendly place where it is safe to post. For this reason we moderate, reading everything that’s posted to ensure it adheres to our community guidelines as well as the full terms and conditions.

If you wish to report a breach of the rules you can highlight this to our moderators at any time by selecting ‘Report’ option from the drop-down menu on the right of the post and our team will review this.
Want to learn more about the forum?

If you still have questions about how the forum works, visit ‘Forum feedback’ section or just ask one of our moderators and we'll do our best to help.

If you have any problems using the forum, please contact: