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Younger people with bowel cancer



I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm 32 (and male) and was diagnosed three and half weeks ago. The cancer has spread both to my liver (two places) and there are multiple deposits in the peritoneum. My oncologist has indicated an 'average' life expectancy of 2-3 years but has warned me that I could only have 6-9 months if I don't respond to treatment.

I'd been experiencing what I thought was IBS (mainly discomfort that has come and gone - it all still seems very mild) for about 7 months and had been to the doctor a few times. I was only recently referred for a colonoscopy after some blood tests showed the inflammation.

There isn't any surgical option at this point, unless it's necessary as an emergency due to blockage, which miraculously has not happened yet. I've so far had one cycle of FOLFOX and Avastin just over a week ago, with no major side effects so far. I barely have any symptoms at all right now in fact.

Obviously the whole thing has come as a massive shock. I only got married two months ago. My husband, family and friends are all being amazing and I think I'm coping well. But I also lack any connections with other people in a similar position, especially of my age - so I thought I would at least say hello (before I go to bed).


@Chris82 That's great news XXX @Lauren5429 Just sending you the biggest hug. :x::x::x:


@Chris82 great to hear! a slow 10k jog - i think most of us would take that! :)


Great news @Chris82 so pleased for you. Can’t believe you managed a 10k jog, amazing and well done you :x::x::x::x:


That is super news @Chris82 - always great to hear a positive update like that.


This is brilliant to read @Chris82 and very impressed with your running! Well done again :x:


Fab news @Chris82. So positive :x::x::x:


What fantastic news @Chris82 . Enjoy your holiday and well done on the jogging. :x::x::x:

springer michelle

Great news indeed @Chris82, and so great you are going away, enjoy.

@Lauren5429, you are so part of this group as long as you want, we would still like to help you get over your Matthews passing :x::x::x:


Great news @Chris82 and have a lovely holiday :x::x:


Sending love to you too @Lauren5429 :x::x:

Quote from @Chris82:
I thought I would update this thread as I've just had a scan, and putting my news here means it's up to date for anyone reading through it.

Anyway, I had my regular CT (every three months) and got the results this morning. The disease in my lymph nodes remains stable on treatment and in fact my tumour markers have gone down very slightly.

I am continuing on my 'maintenance' chemotherapy, 5-FU and Avastin every two weeks.

As ever, a holiday is planned! Another Canary Islands trip, Tenerife in three weeks time.

I am working part time (2.5 days a week) and enjoying it, as well as keeping up with interests outside of work. I jogged a very slow 10k yesterday, just to prove I still can.


Wow! 10k Chris! !! That's utterly amazing!
On top of your great news!
I never could manage even 100 km never mind 10.000!
So nice to have meet you at a Marylebone high street meeting a year or so ago!
p/s tough using mobile screens sometimes! Sorry for the typos when 1st posted!

Quote from @Lauren5429:
Thanks @Baxter2 and @Lizalou - I’m still wandering around aimlessly and lost to be honest, don’t feel like I belong in this group anymore but it’s nice to read positive updates from everyone and just read comments from familiar people who understand this horrendous journey

I also don't feel I belong in this forum any longer Lauren. But you most definitely do. You are also giving support to others at the same time.
Big respect.


@Chris82 that’s great news, have a fab holiday 😄 :x::x::x:

@Lauren5429, sending you love, I think of you and your lovely Matthew often :x::x::x:


Wow @GD1962 I hope you didn't run 10k in the high heels! Dress should be okay, but high heels ......

Sarah :x:


Yes you do belong. I read your story so far felt like a dave lee travis moment all i needed was the theme music wow. life can be so cruel and shit some times but other times have greatness and loving moments. You keep strong, keep doing the 10k nacked at the thought and keep the love and keep being an amazing person.
Thank you for telling us your story to date.
Bravo xxx
What other word for story could i have used doesn't seem right word cannot think as another sleepless night.


Brilliant news @Chris82, Im so pleased to hear your scan results were good :x::x:


Good stuff @Chris82 wondered how ya was getting on!

I want you too stick around @Lauren5429 !


Thanks everyone!

How are you doing @Sean? Maybe see you at a Shine thing soon.


doing ok thanks @Chris82 . Had some good news Monday ;) Surgery next month


@Sean That's great!