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Stoma names?- a little light hearted post.....

Morning all fellow Stoma club members (must think of a catchier title)'

Another post got me thinking and started this light hearted post to see if its got legs....

Quite simply - have you named your stoma and what was the reason for the name?...I know of 2 other so far so keen to know others :)

Keep smiling,

Glitterbug :x::x:

Quote from @shazsilverwolf:
My stoma is called Sid- as in Ice Age, not Sid Snot as in Kenny Everett, lol. Mainly because I was so anti the whole idea, my Beloved Hubby said I needed to put a cute/fun/silly name on him to help me to feel better about him being there. Also, he's sort of oval, which matches well with Sids face! Glitterbug, for a reluctant to do anything stoma, my Stoma nurse recommended Plain Chocolate( happens to be my favourite) and Liquorice Allsorts. I had some constipation problems around Christmas, after my Radiotherapy, and both options work really well! Also, if you get the diarrhoea problem, any jelly type sweets help to firm things up- wine gums/fruit gums/pastilles- basically anything with gelatine in them.

great remedies for dealing with diarrhea and the other thing :) any cure using chocolate or wine gums sounds like a great cure to me, @shazsilverwolf


Indeed- at least they taste better than most pills/drinks for the problem, lol. I also forgot to mention Jelly Babies- just be careful here, we all know how hard it is just to eat a few, and you really do only need a handful, not a bagful, rofl.


Diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer in August 2017, I, like a lot of people decided to give my stoma a name to "humanize" it. For some reason, a lot of people looked at me like I'd just landed! But I basically had. An Australian in Southern Oregon. For some reason, I decided on Bert! He also gets Bert the burping bag, Bert the Bloody Bastard, and Bertus Buggeroffis. Still receiving Chemo, the wound care and infusion nurses always ask now "So how's Bert behaving today?". Brings a bit of much needed humor :)


Mine started off as Stuey, just as a way of discussing it with my daughter without being too graphic. But it ended up being called Spurty Gerty - because she was a bit of a menace at times, like when I needed to change but she wouldn’t be quiet.


Although I was lucky enough not to be fitted with a stoma bag at my operation 2 weeks ago, I did enjoy reading all your posts and the names you have called them. My daughter's father-in-law has had a stoma bag for years - due to diverticulitis, and got so used to it, couldn't be bothered with a reversal. He is now in his 80's, still skis, travels, runs up mountains - dare I ask him if his has a name????


My wife's stoma was called Grimes. Partly after the hapless, unlucky Frank Grimes from the Simpsons and partly after the angry guy from the Walking Dead.

Love some of the names on here though!


I called mine ‘Jim’, after a work colleague.


😂😂😂 @itfc1959 that made me lol :x::x:


@Aussiebrumby how strange. I call my stoma Bertie after a cat we had who ran away ! Not sure if there’s any logic in that but it sounds quite cute !


I love the fact that’s Glitterbug’s thread of stoma names lives on. Fantastic . Loving ‘jim’ @itfc1959 ! :x:


@angepange I love it too haha I don’t have one yet and maybe won’t but this thread makes me laugh :x::x::x:

Kathy L

Pauls was always referred to as "pink alien"


Mine is called Colin after that famous Irish father of stomas; Colin O'Scopy


Mine was called Lily ileostomy but she's now returned to the dark (in)side

Gary not Gavin

Mine is called a la carter.mind you about a monthago after I took too much poo liquid was going to call it hurricane buttgut coz it would not stop.
That is my first accident mishap in any way since last November 2017.

Hope your all doing well

Gary :x::x::x:


sorry for the missing message, I clicked on send before I could type my message. My husband called his stoma BARRY. But the good news is now Barry has left the building, we had a small farewell do, but after having the reversal two months ago, Barry is now a memory. :x::x::x::x::x:


Mine was called Roma the stoma!


My other half has named his “Mr Poo”. Bit basic but rather apt!


Mine is called Nicola after another little Scottish redhead who makes silly noises.