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quick question, I had my gastrograffin enema over 2 weeks ago, I still have not be contacted with the results and I do not have another followup appointment either until September. I have called the hospital every day this week so far, I left a voicemail on Monday asking someone to cal me back, no response, I called on Tuesday and spoke to someone who said they would get a nurse to call me back... no one did, I tried calling again today and it kept going to voicemail again...
so im none the wiser and to what the results are, (before the gastrograffin my surgeon told me not to plan anything for August) I dont know what else I can do.. does it normally take this long for the results?
Thanks, Linda

Gg k

Hi @willow1265 .
I had a right hemi T2N0M0. 2015
I waited 8 weeks for the results of a CT Colonography following an incomplete colonoscopy.. as part of surveillance 3 years on
I realised eventually that I had to talk to the medical secretaries for the department - gastro for this. I politely told them i would take things further as long waits were v stressful. It turns out that a consultant hadnt even looked at the scan results at week 6 after scan.
Eventually a consultant rang me and all was fine but for 2 small polyps.
Another battle followed but that's another story lol.
I'd ring the medical secretary if I was you. They are usually very helpful.
Good luck .
What is planned for August ?
Colonoscopy ?


@Gg k thank you for your reply... i had LAR surgery inapril as stage 1 cancer was found, and i now have a loop illeostomy.. the gastro graffin enema was to see if the join has healed in order to have the stoma removed... i have been trying unsuccesfully to call the climic al this week... my surveon jist told me not to plan any holidays for august for the reversal op... but in thd absense of any results or even being able to speak to anyome i dont lnow what else to do...


Hi @bella912. I rang my colorectal nurse a week after my gastrograffin and she confirmed everything was ok but didn't get a letter from my surgeon (I'm copied in to all the letters that go to my doctor)until several weeks later. I then had a meeting with the surgeon to run through the usual stuff before signing the consent form.
Perhaps you could try the surgeons secretary? :x:


@Kareno62 ive tried calling everyone the colorectal depatment al i get is the voice mail.. i leave a message and no one gets back to me... it is now 2.5 weeks since the gastrograffin, i feel like im being ignored to be honest :(


@willow1265 It sounds like you need to contact PALS at the hospital - we did this when we felt we were not getting any response and they chased it up for us. It may be another voicemail but they should respond and if they don't there is normally an office where you can go in and actually speak to someone.

The other person I would contact is your surgeon's secretary. The contact details should be on your letters or on the hospital website - mine only works part-time so I e-mail her and although she takes a few days to reply I think it is probably easier than voicemail because you are sure you have given all the necessary details (hospital number, date of procedure etc.)

BTW I'm also waiting for results of my gastrograffin enema from Monday but fortunately I have an appointment with my surgeon in 2 weeks so I've just decided to wait until then.

Gg k

Hi @willow1265 .
Sorry you're still waiting. It's frustrating and distressing. In your shoes if the medical secretaries aren't picking up I'd go to the hospital and ask to speak to someone in colorectal
In my case I had to chase thru Gastro dept as they did then scan.
So you could try gastro dept first then walk around to colorectal dept.
Take your hospital number with you and date of scan.
Good luck :x:


@Seashells thank you for your reply, i was reluctant to go through PALs as i already have a complaint going through from MP about administrative failures within the department/hospital. But I have just contacted PALs and i had to email everything to them and now waiting for the reaponse :/


I understand your reluctance @willow1265 but if there is a problem PALs are your first port of call.

SNAP! I also have a complaint in progress (at a different hospital from my normal one) which also involved my MP and eventually a letter to the Chief Executive. That is now being taken seriously, but you really shouldn't have to make a formal complaint about something as simple as scan results.

Hope PALs get it sorted for you.


@Seashells well i got a response from the hospital this afternoon saying they were looking into it... an hour later my surgeon called me to say no one had sent him the results and that everything was fine.. he was on leave bless him but still called me.. he offered me a slot there and then for my stoma reversal for 10 days time but ill be on a cruise then so looking likely to be first week in August :/ still got the collywobbles about having it done though lol
Thanks for your advice today :)


That's great news @willow1265 I had a feeling it would be resolved quickly once you started complaining a bit "louder".

Now you know there's nothing to hold up the reversal you can relax and enjoy your cruise. Pack the collywobbles away at home - there's no place for them on your holiday! Have a great time. :x:


@Seashells my stoma reversal is now booked for 21 August :/ lol