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Tab 33

Numb mouth !

Hi everyone ,
First time I have posted !
Husband is on Folfox 6 for12 cycles , had had 2nd one this morning and right at the end when pump was put on he suffered a tight throat !
Had read about this luckily and nurse got him a warm drink so it eased off , mouth felt numb for quite a while and I hadn’t read about that !
Anyone else suffered with a numb mouth and how long did it last ?
Gill :x:


Hi, I'm due my 12th Folfox next Tuesday.
At the start, probably the first 2/3 sessions I would get a numb mouth for a short while when I ate, also my jaw would sort of seize up after the first bite of food. Massaging my jaw just below the ear made that go away and not had it for several months now.
My mouth no longer goes numb but is painful, since session 10 it's been far worse and today I found it quite difficult to eat, I've now taken a pain killer and it's better. Do you have mouth wash from the hospital? Ive got Difflam which is mildly analgesic so does help. I also get an itchy tongue which is annoying but I can live with it.

Tab 33

Hi scruffy sheep and thanks !
No pain as yet , just numbness ! Husband had the seizing up with first bite , all gone now so hopefully that’s it for this cycle !
Wow , you have done well getting to the 12th , is that your last one ?


Yes! Final one next week, then see oncologist 6 weeks after.
My husband has been disconnecting the pump at home but will have to go in on Thursday for them to do it and take out picc line. I'll be so glad to have the picc out, not that it's been a problem and if I do need more chemo I would definitely have one again but with the heat this last couple of weeks my arm has got so hot under the plastic covering.
I didn't have any pain in my mouth for the first few cycles and was spasmodic to begin with but has got worse as the treatment has progressed. I've not had ulcers, it just feels as though someone has gone over the inside of my mouth with course sandpaper, not the most pleasant feeling🙁. That said it does change over the 2 weeks and tends to be worse days 7-10.


Yes you get all sorts of weird sensations around the mouth and the rest of your your body on folfox. I used to get a horrid film in my mouth too and food started to taste funny. Hot lemon and boiled sweets is good to cut though that film. I was lucky and didn't get mouth sores but my feet/hands went numb as did my shins and my lady parts too!! Two of my fingernails went green too!! :x: :x: :x: