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When bowel cancer returns


Think the beast is back

@Baxter2 asked how I was doing . So this is what's been happening .
I finished my last chemo at the end of January and all seemed ok . I went back to work in April and tried to put everything behind me and get on with life . I started having pains on my right hand side again , but put them down to too much activity . We had an amazing holiday in Hong Kong and Bali but the pains got worse . I contacted my colorectal nurse two weeks ago and as I had a scan last October , she suggested I had another one last week . no follow up appointment had been made ,as I was told you will probably get a letter with the results . I phoned on Tuesday as the pain was so intense and as my colorectal surgeon is on leave I was asked to go in on Thursday and I was seen by the head colorectal consultant who examined my scan .So I now have a 3 cm tumour in the same place it was before in my bowel . He said surgery to remove it wasn't viable and he would discuss me at the MDT next week with my oncologist . He is so good in as that he is seeing me next Thursday before his clinic starts so he can share the plan with me .
I am so sad as I thought the beast had been beaten , but we had a wonderful holiday and at least we had that worry free .


Hi @Meezermum good that surgery is an option. If you need further advice the christie Manchester are a peritoneal centre of excellence. Mine is also in peri like others. Hipec may also be a consideration.
Hope you get pain mgt under control. Will be in touch for a meet up. :x:

Quote from @Meezermum:
Well a different plan from my oncologist . She showed me the scan and the tumour is outside the bowel and attached to the bowel wall in the peritoneal . So she thinks it can be operated on and depending on the PET scan results will refer me next week . She was a lot more positive and I'm seeing a palliative care doctor today to discuss pain management .

Sounds similar to my situation except that the PET scans don't clearly show where the rabbits are nesting so they're opening me up to see where it is. Hopefully it will be in the same place as yours but there is a possibility, according to the consultant, that it may be on the peritoneal sigmoid mesocolon attaching the sigmoid colon to the posterior abdominal wall and holding blood and lymph nodes.
As you are based in Tamworth you will probably get referred to the Good Hope hospital, where I am referred, if they go for the cytoreductive and HIPEC attack.


That is sounding a lot more positive @Meezermum, you have a good team that are really on it!! Keeping everything crossed for you :x::x::x:


Hi @Bridget55 it does seem that it's a common area for it to spread into . @Chelts . Yes Good Hope is only 6 miles away so it's very convenient for me.
@charleyb I do have a great team !
Take care everyone 💛💚💙


Hi @Meezermum I haven’t been in here for a while now and just catching up, I’m so so sorry to hear you sad news, but happy reading towards the end of the thread that they may be able to operate. Hope you’re managing :x::x::x:


Hi @Clairelou I was only thinking about you the other day and hope you are ok . Will know by the end of next week what the plan is ,but always hopeful . Take care :x::x:


Hi @Meezermum good luck with plan of action. Enjoy the sunshine and keep positive. We can meet up a5 Barton Under Needwood before long once you know plan. Let me know If I can do anything to help :x::x:


sorry to hear your news @Meezermum, hope surgery to remove is possible, best of luck


@Meezermum, Sorry to learn about your news, hopefully they will be able to remove it.

My very best wishes go out to you.



Everything crossed for the possibility of surgery @Meezermum, and best of luck with your PET scan. Thinking of you Diane :x::x:

lynn collier

Sorry to hear yr news just keep being positive good luck luv lynn :x::x::x:


Wishing you all the luck in the world for a good plan result.:x::x:


Hope all goes well with new plan........... positive healing :x::x::x:


How are you doing @Meezermum hope all is well? :x::x::x::x:


@Meezermum Sorry to read this. Hope you can get surgery and a good result.
Best wishes


Hi all . I have been referred to Good Hope hospital (which is just down the road from me) for possible peritoneal surgery with HIPEC . I'm on their MDT list tomorrow so should hear soon . The main concern is the size of the tumour 6.6cm and that it goes from the outer wall of my colon to my hip and would involve major blood vessels . Has anyone else had similar surgery or chemo ? Thanks for the good wishes :x::x::x:


This all sounds quite promising @Meezermum! I hope you hear something positive following the MDT meeting tomorrow.

I've had Cytoreductive surgery and HIPEC in March last year and although I'm on chemo indefinitely, I'm doing really well. I'll have everything crossed for you!

Lots of love and very best wishes,



Great news to hear that you have been referred to Good Hope, like me, to hopefully blast your rabbit nest into oblivion. May bump into you!

For anyone else wanting to know more about cytoreductive and HIPEC surgery have a look at this website and videos, produced by the Good Hope. I found them very informative and assuring..


Hi @Meezermum I had Hipec and cytoreductive too so happy to chat on this. I had it at Christies :x:


Hi@Meezermum, sorry to read about your news but hope like others the pet scan goes well. Glad you enjoyed stress free holiday :x::x: