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I had an Anterior Resection on the 18th April. Results were T2N0M0. Colorectal nurse said stage 1 and no vascular invasion. I was told that I don't need chemo. I was relieved by these results. I know so many of you have been and are going through so much more and feel guilty about asking questions.

So many of you supported me throughout diagnosis up to my operation.

I have been getting on with things and dealing well and trying to just get on with life. I had a meeting with my surgeon today who was great at the time but I'm left feeling really strange. He is blunt and not great at explaining things.

He went over histology again then started talking about margins and a donut. He said the margin was clear but 2mm then said no it was 8mm and then said about a donut and they were clear. I went into panick mode. The nurse specialist wasn't there as back up today. The MDT after my results decided on an MRI so that has been booked today. I'm so anxious about it.

I don't want to Google things but any info especially about what a donut is would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you :x::x::x::x:


@LWJ81 . Hi. Well I’m sorry to say I HAVE googled, as I’ve never heard of this. I’m pleased to tell you , (I wouldn’t have replied otherwise), that from what I can see, the donut it a piece of tissue removed on an anterior resection. It’s donut shaped! The fact that it is clear is good news. The margin in the amount of space available around the cancer, the bigger the better, so from 2mm to 8mm is again, good news. It all sounds good to me! :x::x:


The amount of space without cancer cells I mean :x::x:


Hi @angepange, thanks so much for your reply. I have worked myself up so much this afternoon.
The surgeon also examined me and said that the join was narrow and stretched it out. I'm just feeling really emotionally sensitive and anxious.
Thanks so much :x::x:


That my pleasure. I completely understand the anxiety and sensitivity. It’s exhausting. We all understand. Try to calm as much as you can under the circumstances.:x::x:


Hi @LWJ81. I get very nervous when I visit the hospital and don’t take much in. I was diagnosed T3N0M0 and all the histology talk was gobbledygook! But when I next visited my gp he offered to print the report for me, I found this very useful. I can refer to it as questions pop into my head, I can google bits if I feel the need and I do what you have done and ask the lovely helpful people on here. I find when reading other people’s experiences on here it helps that I can refer to my report and compare notes. :x::x::x:


Hi @Sandy10, thank you.
It's such a difficult thing going back to the hospital. It took me back to the time of diagnosis and I did struggle today.
I'm going to ask my Specialist nurse tomorrow if I can have a copy.


@LJW81. Oh dear I know exactly what you mean, the diagnosis day just comes flooding back doesn’t it. I am sure other people on here have said we are entitled to ask for copies of reports etc. Hope your nurse is helpful. :x::x::x:

Polly 1

I remember back in 2012 my husband had clear 'donuts' after a bowel resection and I didnt know what they were either so had to Google 😕

Its always good to get copies of all reports but there's usually always something I've never heard of before ... so more research :x:


Thanks @Polly 1,
I should have asked the surgeon yesterday if I could have a copy but his clinic had run 2 hours late and I was just so confused with his explanation.... And the slight shock of being 'stretched'. I will hopefully get to speak to the colorectal nurse this morning :x::x::x:

Polly 1

If you dont get to speak to the nurse today (ours was rubbish so we gave up with her!) you can always ring and ask his secretary to post you a copy @LWJ81 or your GP may be able to print you one off if they have been sent one.
We usually ring the Consultant's secretary


Hello @Sandy10, I find reading posts like yours really useful as I have similar questions (I had a lower anterior resection on 14 May, so a bit behind you in terms of recovery).
The whole thing about consultant/surgeon appointments is so stressful and I always come out having missed something that they have said! However, hopefully you should get a copy of the follow up letter with all that information as it should be sent to your GP.
I would also agree with the other comments on here to contact the colorectal nurses - do you have an email address to write to them if it is difficult to talk on the phone? Otherwise telephone the consultant's secretary to ask for a copy (again if you can get an email address you could email the secretary).
Do keep contacting them as it is your right to know what is happening with your care.


Thank you @SariDaffs,
I waited all day for the colorectal nurse to call yesterday (they do normally). I didn't hear anything so have left a message.
After feeling ok and quiet positive after my results the appointment with the surgeon has thrown me and I'm feeling uneasy. :x::x::x: