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Hi all. Not posted for some time but have been keeping in touch with peoples
Posts. We are hoping to be moving to Hemsley in North Yorkshire in September which is about 24 miles North of York and west of Scarborough Decided to retire early at 62. So I have been wondering where I should continue my post cancer monitoring. The dilemma I have is that I am due to have my 6 monthly meeting with the colorectal nurse in November and a scan in December. Lewisham Hospital do a scan at year 1,2,3 and 5 and Colonoscopy at year 1 & 5 . I have had a post chemo scan and colonoscopy and hope where I transfer to will have a similar monitoring regime. As I can temporary register with a Doctor in Yorkshire for 6 months I was thinking of just traveling down for the meeting and scan, however if anything should show I would need to have treatment in Yorkshire. Does anybody have any views on what Hospital to transfer to and any thoughts on my situation, or should I just transfer all to Yorkshire, I just thought by keeping the meeting and scan at least I would not have to wait for the system to fit me in again. Thanks in advance.


Hi @steve707. Congrats on the retirement plans. My thoughts would be to keep the existing appts locally. I would be tempted to give the Yorks folks a heads up prior to the move and ask them how it would work for ongoing scans and should any problems arise from the next scan. Would get those communications opened early to give them time to help you get set up. X lovely part of the world :x::x::x:

Bear G

Hi @steve707
It’s great you’ve been able to take early retirement and North Yorkshire is a beautiful place to move to, what a great plan.
You’re right to want to carefully select where your care gets transferred to and doing it now while you’re well is so much better than waiting until there’s an issue.
Have you asked your current team if they could recommend somewhere to move your care to? There’s no guarantee they’ll know someone but the medical world can be a small one so it’s worth asking.
Good luck with the move
Big hugs


Many thanks @Bridget55 @Bear G I will contact the relevant people and see how it pans out,. Very much appreciate the replies. With all that has gone on we have decided to bite the bullet and make the most of things. House under offer and reserved a new build in Helmsley, lovely little town. So fingers crossed all goes well with the sale, should find out very soon then I can start the ball rolling.


Hi @steve707 a friend of mine is Director of nhs services for North York’s so if you have any problems give me a shout too. :x::x::x:


Great advice @steve707, can’t add anything to what has already been said, but wanted to wish you good luck with your retirement. Hubby and I have just done the same, and we are 61 and 62. We will also be moving but can’t decide where to go. Decisions, decisions :x::x::x::x:


Hi @steve707.
How exciting, a new start in Yorkshire! Which is a lovely place btw, especially in the North (not that I'm being biased or anything 😉).
If I remember rightly @Lee1974 started his treatment in York (apologies if I am wrong) so it may be worth touching base with him. There is not much between Scarborough, York, Northallerton, and Middlesbrough, but I think Northallerton and York just pip the post. Northallerton (Friarage) is probably the closest hospital to you, but it's quite small, so not sure if this is classed as a 'main hospital' or not? My husband has policed in these areas (except Middlesbrough) so he has provided the info, just sorry I can't provide any personal experiences, as I'm under Leeds and Harrogate.

Anyway, wishing you lots of luck with everything! Happy retirement and happy new destination! 🏡☺️ :x::x::x:

El Ivan

Hi @steve707, I think @mem has summed it up perfectly but I would add that I have a couple of pals in Scarborough (Scarbados) and one of them had to travel to Hull for treatment for his particular cancer. Helmsley is beautiful, we often ride up on our motorbikes on a weekend for a pot of tea and a slice of cake as it’s not too far from us! Enjoy your retirement and your new home. 😃


Ahh, great point @El Ivan 😘 :x::x:


The treatment and care I had at York was absolutely superb. The team there are magnificent.

Dr Chan would most likely be the treatment oncologist.

Certainly felt more comfortable as a patient there than I do at Norfolk and Norwich hospital where I am now continuing my treatment


There is no better place to live than Yorkshire I’ve ended up in Lancashire but all our family live in Gods Own County There are many specialist hospitals and really friendly people :x:
Cath cx


Thanks for all the lovely comments.@DianeS @mem@El Ivan @Lee1974 @KatieR. We have relatives in Weatherby,Kippax and Colton near leeds, we just love where we are hoping to be its near York and not far from whitby so have the best of both worlds. @El Ivan we were chatting with a old motorcyclist when we were up there in April he was in his seventies, I was a bit envious as I used to motorcycle. Best of luck @DianeS with your retirement and move, you don't realise what a wonderful country we have until you really start looking.As for being friendly @KatieR It took us about half an hour to do a 10 minute walk with people stopping to chat, you do not get that down south.We ended up being late for a meeting with the builder, I just love it as I will chat with anyone.


Helmsley is beautiful. Ventured through there on the motorbike many times. Pickering is also lovely and property prices far less.

On the chemo front, they also operate a mobile chemo unit from York hospital that does chemo in Malton on Wednesday I recall.


Thanks @Lee1974 thats useful to know, if we do get there you will always be welcome to pop in for a cuppa. we just love the whole area we originally looked at Thornton le Dale and Pickering then fell in love with Helmsley. All now depends on our sale going through on time as builder has given us 3 months to exchange.


Hello @steve707 You've done really well and so glad you're taking early retirement in a beautiful part of England. Anyway no advice other than to wish you good luck with it all sounds great.

Hugs and positive healing always :)


Many Thanks @GD62 Just praying now all goes well with the move.


Hi @steve707 it's only natural to be worried but have faith it will all go well :)


Hi, @steve707 I live not a million miles from Helmesley, my treatment is at James Cook Hospital in Middlesbrough and thats the main hospital that covers a wide area and is a large cancer centre. :x:


Thanks @kitti. We do love the area,Pickering, Kirbymoreside, Thornton le dale. We cannot wait to be up there.:x::x::x: