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concerned granddaughter

Grandad recently diagnosed

Grandad is currently in surgery for Bowel Removal and to have a colostomy bag fitted, been told he will also need chemotherapy.
Any advice about anything would be greatly appreciated. He's suffered with Crohns disease for many years prior to this and is 75 years old

Bear G

Hi @concerned granddaughter
Welcome to the forum, I hope you find this a helpful and supportive place.
I’m sorry to hear of your Grandads diagnosis but am pleased he’s started his treatment path. As reassurance they wouldn’t put him through such a big op if they didn’t feel confident about how he’s likely to get on.
At this point I think the best single piece of advice is to not google, just read info from the reputable sites such as this one.
Here’s a great booklet that should help a lot:
Please ask away with any questions you have.
Big hugs

Bear G

I should also say that I run a campaign with the charity, please take a look at the website
It’s mainly about my experience since diagnosis 5 years ago

concerned granddaughter

Thanks Bear G, I will have a read of the booklet and have a look at the website :x:


@concerned granddaughter , your. Grandad is very lucky to have such a loving and caring person in his life , I’m sorry you have had to join us , we all have a different story so feel free to have a read of our profiles, their is lots of positives out there so for now concentrate on those ,
I hope granddad surgery went well,
Any questions no matter what feel free to ask
Lots of lot

concerned granddaughter

@sweetcheeks , surgery went well thanks.
My Grandad is a very proud man, I'm just hoping that having the colostomy bag doesn't knock his confidence to still go on days out with my Nan :x::x::x::x:


@concerned granddaughter , I hope your dad can try and look as his stoma as a friend rather than an intrusion, my husband never did , but I work in tve community with many people that lead a perfectly normal life with their little friend!!
We were told once , your doing what you’ve done all your life , just from a different place , I wish you all the very best of luck , we are all here for you,
Lots of love


Hi @concerned granddaughter

Glad things are going well so far. Your grandad will get lots of help with chemo so don't worry.

But you are right to be concerned about the colostomy /confidence issue. My father had a stoma and lost all his confidence, never learned to change his own bag, needed to rely on carers, total disaster and heart breaking. A few years later, when I was in exactly the same position, I feared the worst. But I was detirmined not to be beaten. Within a few days, I was out and about, coping well. So do make sure Grandad gets all the support he needs to cope well without feeling embarrassed.

Best wishes to you both :x::x: