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Some positive news

Hi All
Wasn’t sure about posting this, as It’s still early days, but just had my 2 year scan results, and I’m clear!
So, I had 11 nodes involved, also Emvi and Imvi, and Grade 2, medium differentiation. Just can’t believe it!
Next scan at 3 year date, did ask for 6 months, but refused, due to protocol. I was also classed as ‘very high risk of recurrence ‘. Allowed 3 monthly bloods.
Just want to give hope to anyone worried about high node involvement, which I was, and still am.
Thanks to all reading, as couldn’t have coped without this forum!
Love to all, wherever you are on this journey.


Great news @Ally13 and very encouraging for others. :x::x:

terri m
Quote from @Baxter2:
Just what you needed to read today @terri m !! ❤️


Quote from @Baxter2:
Just what you needed to read today @terri m !! ❤️

Hi @Baxter2 . yes it was great to read this. You are so thoughful to think of me too.💝👍xx

[quote]Quote from @Baxter2:
Just what you needed to read today @terri m !! ❤️[/q


Great news @Ally13 :x::x:


Fantastic @Ally13 :x::x:


Thanks so much @El Ivan @Baxter2 @ElaineG @Lizalou @terri m @KarenE @Sparkles
Think I’ve tagged everyone!
Was just reading your post @terri m , and had been swithering about posting, but wanted to let you know that there’s still hope for anyone with higher risk factors. Think I read of someone else with poor differentiation and a lot of nodes, who had no chemo, and was clear.
I just hope I haven’t offended anyone.
I know I cling on to the good news stories!


Marvellous news good luck :)


Hi @Ally13, Just fantastic news . I am so pleased that you posted this as I had 10 nodes from 16 affected, Cancer grading was partly moderate and partly poorly differentiated. Also with a high risk of recurrence . Have found your posting quite reassuring . :x::x::x:


That is absolutely brilliant well done you!! Gives hope to so many :x::x::x:

Bear G

Absolutely right to post @Ally13 , congratulations!!
Two years is a big milestone and your team are obviously very pleased with how you’re doing.
What are you doing to celebrate?


Really fantastic news @Ally13 😃! I'm so, so happy for you lovely lady 🎉 :x::x::x:

Polly 1

We like good news 😁 :x::x:


Great news :x::x:


So pleased for you @Ally13!! I personally love reading positive stories on here, helps get me through :x::x:


It is lovely to read positive stories like these. Very happy for you @Ally13 . :x:


@Ally13, wonderful news.:x::x:


@Ally13 excellent news really pleased for you. Thanks for posting, love reading positive news. :x::x:


Thank you all so much for your lovely comments @GD62 @steve707 @charleyb @Bear G @mem @Polly 1 @Trinity @DMR700 @penjay1902 @Clancy @Sandy10
Yes, @Bear G my Onc was all smiles. I even said, ‘are you sure?’ ! And, yes, will need to celebrate. Already had 2 holidays this year, just back in time for scan. But, maybe another one! And you are a great inspiration. I only hope I can follow your positivity and fortitude and aim for that amazing five year milestone! Many thanks to you.


Brilliant news @Ally13! Had been thinking of you and crossing fingers all was well. You and Karen have made my day! Lots of love, Charlotte xxx❤️


Hi @charly Thank you so much. Celebrations for us both! Hope you are well.

Bear G

Hey @Ally13
What a great excuse for another holiday!
Thank you for your lovely comment too, it’s great how we can all lift one another!