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Lines of treatment

Hi, I was just hoping for clarification on what it means by first, second and third lines of treatment. I had FOLFOX as adjuvant chemo, then after lung recurrence I had FOLFIRI. Now after liver recurrence I'm back on FOLFOX for 6 treatments. My onco said this was 2nd line treatment, but my confusion is that it's my 3rd lot of chemo and 2nd go at FOLFOX. Also, if I were to have further recurrence will I be able to have FOLFOX or FOLFIRI again?
TIA Paula :x::x::x::x:

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Hi @Polly68,

When you have had surgery for bowel cancer (with no secondary disease seen elsewhere) the chemo that you have following this is called adjuvant chemotherapy.

If you go on to develop secondary / recurrent disease the first round of chemotherapy you have then (even if you had adjuvant chemo) is called 1st line Chemotherapy (in that it is the 1st line of chemo to treat the secondary disease). If this treatment fails or for some other reason the regime is changed then it is called 2nd line and so on.

I hope that helps!?

Kindest regards,