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No bowel movements today.

Today as far as I know..hubby hasn't had a bowel movement. .now 4 weeks post stoma reversal. Has had good control the last few days and no night time accidents. Eating well..low residue. Only discomfort is around old stoma site which is healing well. Should I be worried?


Hi @@abegirl maybe a good idea to see your GP or speak to your cancer nurse at the day unit if possible tomorrow. Maybe just try a gentle laxative such as macrogol sachets with plenty water as this is usually first line for constipation. Maybe switch this query or add it to Ask the Nurse.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Thanks..I am going to omit loperimide which he has been having whilst very frequent bowel movements. ..has it made him constipated? He has memory loss and can't remember if he has moved his bowels today.


Hi @abergirl. I am 3 months post reversal and went 24 hours at the beginning of the week without going although normal service soon resumed! You could try some of Sparkles tried and tested prune juice to start things moving?
Karen :x:


Oh...cheers!! Have left a message with link nurse so will see what she suggests too. All so new to us and hubby doesn't understand the significance. .is sick of me asking if he has "been"! :x:


Rang link nurse who advised adding fibre to hubbie's diet now..fluids etc..and miraculously whilst I was on the phone...yes....normal service was resumed! Twice.☺ Going to be careful with use of loperimide now too......see how we go. Thankyou everyone. I am sure I will be back with something else to pester you with! :x::x: