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Bowel cancer treatment and side effects



my partner has just completed 5 out of 6 weeks of radio/chemo... he is experiencing really bad burning pains in the rectum and surrounding areas.. he has tried various creams.. but none really work.. does anyone know if the `sunburn` pain goes away when the radio treatment ends.. or does it still carry on.. any answers please? ..thankyou :x:



Locally the breast radiology consultant prescribes 'flamazine cream' for sun burn on the skin post treatment. If you speak to your GP he may prescribe it silver sulphadiazine cream in 50g tubes as it's prescription only, the cream bas has a good emollient and cooling effect.
There are aftersun sprays such 'burneze'cream and spray that used to buy over the counter at the chemist too.

Good luck :x:


Whatever creams you use be careful they don't contain silver or metals talk to your oncologist before useing any cream as this could also effect you.

George :x:


Hello @mandajayne Johns blowtorch bum has flared up this last week ..! Thanks to all the friends on here I had bought a bidet that sits in the toilet so he can bathe his bum with coolish water and I have a big bottle of Aloe Vera Gel which I keep in the fridge
So after his Radiotherapy he bathes his bum then he sits on a towel on the bed and I dry his bum with a hairdryer on cool setting It takes a while but it cools the burns and it's very soothing ...we slap plenty aloe gel on then we fold up a dry wipe and tuck it into the cleft of his bum and it stops the burns chafing against each other and stops the gel getting on his undies
Anyway got to go ...
Cath :x::x:


thankyou Katie... blowtorch bum!!.. oh that made me giggle!.. cheers for the tips.. i will get some aloe vera gel.. i dont think he will let me near him with a hairdryer tho.. :x::x:


I think he should ..It’s really important for all the groin area to keep dry We do put cream that the oncologist gave us last week on the cracks and blustery bits
CATH :x::x: