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??? Hernia

Well we are away in holiday after having an all clear on ct before we left , Geoff was told their was a lump around stoma , probably a small hernia ,this was not noticeable externally, well just our luck this is now a nice little pretrution now , no discomfort! Geoff doesn’t want to go to doctors whilst away unless absolutely necessary, anybody had a post reversal hernia ??


Hi @sweetcheeks

I had what I thought was a hernia (following reversal and hernia repair operation ).My GP organised an emergency ultrasound scan, which showed only scar tissue. My tummy is still very lumpy and, for a long time I got twinges if I did too much exercise, but all fine now.

So as long as Geoff is not in any discomfort, I would suggest a routine check up appointment when you are home.
He might want to avoid any strain on his muscles, to avoid any discomfort.

Best wishes to you both, enjoy your holiday. :x:


Thankyou @Lizalou , no discomfort as of yet , but definitely docs Monday :x::x::x:


Make sure he doesn't lift things or pull heavy cases basically not to strain the gut.:x:


Hi @sweetcheeks, perhaps a hernia belt may help till you get it checked out. :x:


Thanks everyone, we are home , will be contacting gp first thing!!
It’s a macho thing @george1960 , he would not let me near his case!!! But then I would not let him near mine!!! 😊
I offered to go and buy a hernia support belt , so thanks for suggestion, I literally have the most stubborn hubby ever!!!
Hopefully we will know more tomorrow


Cannot believe he is stubborn lol. :x::x:


All men are stubborn when it comes to ill health! ! !


They are @Elmac 😤
Good job we love them ❤️❤️ :x::x::x: