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Dad 4 days post op to remove tumour and stoma fitted

My dad had the operation to remove his rectal tumour 4 days ago but he’s feeling very sore and continuously being sick. They started him on food day 3 but he vomited during the night. Retching is obviously very painful and the anti sickness medication doesn’t really work. He doesn’t have much appetite, should he avoid eating? Any further advice?


Oh dear sorry to read your dad is having problems with nausea not uncommon. Naso-gastric tube made me heave , maybe check with nurse what they are using for nausea found cyclizine did it for me 😁 good luck 👍


I will indeed and thanks for your advice.


Hi @kerry and a warm welcome to our forum.

Sorry to hear your Dad is suffering, I do remember those same feelings and symptoms well. Bowels can be extremely grumpy when they have been messed with, and boy do they let us know about it! Hopefully, the nurses are happy with Dad's observations (bloods, temp etc) and Like GD62 has suggested, maybe ask for a different anti-sickness medication. Do make sure your Dad isn't drinking anything fizzy either, as that really doesn't help in the early days. Small amounts of simple food (only if he can manage) and something like, still isotonic drinks, may help with replacing what your Dad is loosing. I have also copied two of our booklets, regaining bowel control and eating well, for you and your Dad to read if you would both like. It will get easier I promise and I hope that is sooner rather than later.
Lots of love to you both xx


They’ve put a nasogastric tube in because the stoma waste is backing up into his stomach. They’ve put a potassium chloride and glucose drip up. Thanks very much for your help :x::x:


Hi @kerry, Just wondering how your Dad is getting on? I do hope things have now settled for him :x::x:


Hi @kerry - peppermint tea and/or 10 drops in peppermint oil in a cup of hot water, plus peppermints to suck or chewing gum to freshen up the mouth all helped me, especially with the nasogastric tube - my 7 year old grand-daughter thought it was very funny that GrannyMac had an elephants trunk !
Hope he feels better soon


Hi mem thanks for your message. My dad had the nasogastric tube removed yesterday, he has been eating food and managing to keep it down! All being well he may get out of hospital on Thursday! Lol Elmac he did look a bit like an elephant! We should get the results from the tumour analysis at the end of this week and then learn about the next stage to blast the liver mets!


Hi @kerry

Patience and more patience. soft foods jelly, ice cream and build up slowly soft foods....and booklets on site very good.

Hugs and positive healing :x:


That's really great news @kerry and I bet he so looking forward to getting home too!
Fingers crossed, from now on, his recovery remains a smooth one, and you know where we are if ever you both need 😊.
Love to you both :x::x::x:


Glad your dad is beginning to improve @kerry. Now that he is eating and drinking he should start to feel better very quickly. Once he is at home with home cooked food and his own comfy bed, you will all feel better, and ready to deal with whatever comes next. :x: