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Garden Party in support of Strive For Five

Good morning everyone, Iam attending this event and wondered who else from the forum is also intending to go, as it would be so nice if we could all get together. Lots of love D xxxx



Lovely to see you post again! Gosh that's a fair trek from Aberdeen!! I'm flying down easyJet for very little on 26th, back on 28th. Give me a wave over to Fife from the m90 on your way past!

Love to you both!

Karen 💛💜💙💚❤️


@Baxter2, we fly that route that you're doing very often as our children live in Bath and Bristol!

Bristol Airport is nice and small if you haven't been before :) Sometimes unfortunately we need the car down there! Sending lots of love and hope you're enjoying our long lasting Scottish heatwave!! :x: :x: :x:


Hi @Smiley2

Ahh that's good to hear! My lovely cousin will collect me and no doubt look after me until Penny Brohn timeat 5pm. Hope you both have a lovely break down there (maybe not so much of a break.....grandchildren??) I'm loving the weather. It's been amazing and can't remember the last time it rained!! (Maybe shouldn't have said that!)

Take care!

Karen :x::x::x:


I’d love to come if possible @DianeS . Can partners come ? Do I need to get a ticket ? It would be great to see everyone :x::x::x:


Hi @crispy - yes partners can go, it's open to all but Diane put it on here to encourage a few of us to go and meet up. You need to get a ticket in advance - go to the Strive for Five webpage and follow the link I suspect. I am just off to do it...


Thanks for that @Terrish . I’ll go to the link . Hope to see you there :x:


Hi @crispy - managed to buy a ticket so yes hope to see you there along with @springer michelle, @DianeS and looking forward to meeting new faces. Better get my gluten free baking off to a good start.

springer michelle

@Dan-888 are you going to go to this. Would be good to see you again :x:


Hi ya @springer michelle !
Thank you so much for tagging me! Yes! I'd love to go! I'd actually spoken with @Bear G in Parliament Square but I have to admit I'd allowed it to slip my mind! (Sorry Bear G!)
Let me get back onto this ee: location, date and times!


Sorry I haven’t replied to any of you after putting the post on, au disappeared to Ibiza for the wedding. Sompleased that quite a few of you are able to come and really looking forward to meeting other forum members. Can’t wait to see you all, @Bridget55 (hope all is going well for you)? @mem, hopefully you can come @Dan-888 it’s been too long since we last saw you! @Terrish, @crispy, @Smiley2 and Richard, @eyeofthetiger, @springer michelle and @chris61. Hopefully we will all recognise each other 😁. Big thanks to @Bear G for giving us this opportunity to meet up, and for all he does for the charity. Xx♥️♥️

springer michelle

We should wear badges lol


Great @DianeS I’m bringing 3 girlfriends with me. Prob aim to arrive c 5pm. Look forward to meeting everyone and celebrating this milestone with Mr Clarke! :x:


Hubby and I are definitely going @DianeS😀 . We're having an over-nighter on the Sat so should be at the party for 5ish, after checking in etc, and hopefully, the roads will be kind to us too🤞🏻. Will be so lovely to meet you all and yes, a big thankyou to @Bear G for organising such a special event for a great cause. Bring on the celebrations 🎉! !:x::x:

Bear G

I think @Scattyblonde is completely no too 🤞:x::x:


I will be at Strive for Five garden party :) Looking forward to catching up with @Bear G and meeting some of you for thr first time :x::x:

springer michelle

Will have to do something and meet as a forum groyp :x::x:

springer michelle

Next saturday at the garden party me and @DianeS were thinking of a way we can all meet up from the forum . Any ideas? :x:


I wish I was coming! We're in France next weekend for a family wedding.