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david watt

Radiographer taking the piss again

Hi, he's been OK last two ✌️ ctscans, but this one hes again said I am full of shit , (faecally loaded).
Just had my 23rd cycle of Pembro, and am relatively good all things considered, 16 months into a terminal diagnosis. It really stinks that this treatment still has not been approved for the NHS for colon cancer, but has for lung and skin cancer.
Best wishes David


Hi @david watt glad to hear you are relatively well and cancer seems stable

david watt

@Wren17 thanks, good luck 🤞 for tomorrow and I hope all goes smoothly. Best wishes for the operation


Hi @david watt nice to see its stable, hopefully the treatment is approved asap for others.


Stable is good @david watt shows it is working, long may it continue :x::x:


Fantastic results @david watt.
Super to hear you are feeling relatively good as well.
I think there is a Pembro trial going down in the UK. Hopefully it yields the same results as you have had on it and gets approved for use on the NHS as you said.


Marvellous news @david watt :)