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Hipec after effects

Hi, I underwent Hipec surgery on 6th March. Operation went well but the effects of hot chemo have traumatised my colon and I have been suffering with diarrhoea since despite taking regular Smecta and Loperamide. Medical opinion seems to be that it is a matter of time for the intestine and digestive system to sort itself out. Has anyone else had this problem and how long did it take to get back to normal?


Hi @LJC1951

Sorry to read about your post CRS & HIPEC diarrhoea, had same op in December with no issues, and my first port of call would be to your colorectal nurse at the hospital. Believe it should settle down in a week or two.

Good luck :x::x::x:


Hi @LJC1951

I had CRS and HIPEC last March in Basingstoke. Ive had diarrhoea ever since but I’ve learned to cope with it pretty well. I was later diagnosed with bile salt malabsorption and take a Questran powder every evening which helps. I take varying amounts of Loperamide daily to manage diarrhoea and I’m careful about what I eat (fibre wise!) Having much less large bowel means we’re less able to absorb water from the stool. If you want, send me a pm and I’ll give more detail lol! 😉

Best wishes,


P.s. welcome to the forum!


Thanks for these. Having posted my question I read through some other posts and found your exchanges with Chris’s wife. This was very helpful. Having my treatment in France but am due to se e consultant next week and things have settled a bit over the past two days. In comparison to how it was originally it is significantly better. Guess I am just a bit impatient to achieve a state of normality! What with the original surgery and then the effects of chemo it feels like I have had diarrhoea for the last year. The annoying thing is that prior to HIPEC everything was back to normal and I had only taken 3 Loperamide in a 3 week period. However I know I am very lucky to have been able to have this treatment and also that nothing untoward was found so chances of recovery seem good.

I had a tumour in the rectum 10 years ago and sailed through chemo and radiotherapy prior to its successful removal. This second bout hasn’t been so straightforward but then I am 10 years older! What has shocked me is how people seem to have had to fight to get the treatment. It was proposed to me and very much encouraged by my oncologist. The care has been brilliant but so it was 10 years ago with the NHS.

Once again thanks. I will mention the bile salt malabsorption and see what she thinks.

Best wishes.


Hi @LJC1951

My bile salt malabsorption was diagnosed by a gastroenterologist. I was referred by my oncologist. I’ve had liver resection and gall bladder removed. Not sure if this is a contributory factor or not. :x::x::x::x::x:


My gall bladder also removed so there may be link. I have another week to see if things improve anyway. Will let you know how it goes. :x::x::x::x:


Saw my consultant yesterday. I did mention bile salt malabsorption and she has taken it on board. Meanwhile I am having analysis of both faeces and urine to check for infections. She is sure though that it is a matter of time as my intestine is still very sensitive when she examined me. CT scan to be booked as part of follow up from operation. She advises that I eat whatever I want and if things seem to cause a problem avoid them in future. I am also going to have a go at stopping all the anti-diarrhoea meds just to see what happens! Watch this space!

I do feel that she clarified some niggles for me and I feel more relaxed as a result. Also a major achievement managing the 45 minute each way journey plus time at the hospital with no toiletry disasters!

Thanks again to all who gave advice .