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Photo Album

We can share photos in this thread. And these 2 posts show how I usually do it, but if you scroll to Angel at post number 6 it turns out that there is a much easier way ;D ;D ;D

In order to share photos on this forum you have to have them hosted somewhere else on the internet.

1. a blog
2. facebook
3. photobucket (clicky)

1. You could set up a blog and just use it to store your photos

2. I wouldn't advise getting tangled in facebook if you're not already doing it, but I like it so that's my usual uploading option

3. Photobucket is not the only photo sharing site, but I recommend it because it is easy to use in this context.

photobucket (clicky)


My beautiful little nurse maid, EnyaPuss - who sticks to me like glue when I’m feeling poorly x


Wonderful pics @Dan-888 !


Thank you @CD1966 and @springer michelle ! So pleased you like them!

Isn't it amazing how they just know how we are, @Duranie ?
I also had a cat but unfortunately he passed on a week before I was diagnosed. I sure could have done with his company during my low, fatigue days of the 2nd chemo weeks. But it was not to be. Hey, ho.


@Duranie they do know when we need their purrs . I love black cats 💚💛💙🐱🐱🐱


blame @RosemaryA for egging me on! ;)


The Taj Mahal site is vast ...


Looking back from the Taj Mahal, southwards across the gardens you can see a raised platform in the distance.
This is where the so-called Princess Diana bench is.


Now from beside the raised platform, looking North, you can just about see one of the 4 marble benches on the raised platform which supports a pool, partly hidden by standing men on the right.


and the "Princess Diana bench" almost completely hidden by visitors.



Absolutely fabulous pictures, enjoyed looking at them thank you @Dan-888 :x:


Back home on the drug pump after round 4 of infusion, and my lovely wife built this fab fire for me :) Round 4 day1 is ok so far - no nausea, although a bit more PN in the fingertips.


What a lovely fire as the colder weather settles in around us, @CalmOnTheOutside !
Lucky man to have such a lovely wife too!
I had a decko at your profile and your details looks very similar to mine except that I did have to have a stoma for a year.
Thank you so much for your positive comment on my pics, @bbrose1 ! I was beginning to wonder if they had not cheered folks up and taken minds away for a second or so!
Cheers all.


@CalmOnTheOutside that looks very cosy . I've taken to the odd glass of alcohol free warm fruit punch in front of our fire 😀

Quote from @Dan-888:
Looking back from the Taj Mahal, southwards across the gardens you can see a raised platform in the distance.
This is where the so-called Princess Diana bench is.

These are amazing pictures, really want to go there now when all of this cancer stuff is done with!!! :x:


Thank you very much @Rach & @jinnyp !
A month after my ileostomy reversal I would have thought you were crazy if you'd told me I'd go around India sampling all sorts of spicy foods!


@Dan-888, I can imagine!!! I would have to go on my own as my hubby hates spicy food but I won't let that put me off :)


Ha, ha, ha! I have a few friends who don't do spicy food either, @jinnyp !
I still can't understand why but I then I forget as I find something else new that enthrals me and I've moved on!
There is so much to explore in life.
Even during my 6 months of chemo, I'd rediscover little pleasures in my 2nd week when the side effects have worn off. Like just down the local park or gardens. A surprising late flower that I had seen before but never noticed. Or the early dew on a spider's web.
I have cancer to thank for learning to truly live in the moment.
Let go the past and worry not about the future.