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B12 injections

Good afternoon all you beautiful souls 😊 I am 5 weeks post radiation and chemo, awaiting the all important MRI and CT scans next week, how anxious can one person get ! But have been suffering fatigue and weakness for a few weeks, just had call from GP who did full blood test last week to tell me I am very low in B12, folic and Vit D have to have injection tomorrow 😮 has anyone else suffered with this and just how painful will this infection be.

Love and best wishes to you all :x::x::x::x:


Not painful at all. I have B12 every 12 weeks. A right hemicolectomy removes the part of the colon which absorbs B12. @Salgal


Thanks For the info @Barbara :x::x:

Catherine Blakeney

Same here I have my b12 injections every 10weeks, it was every 12 but found every 10 is better.
I haven’t found the injections painful, hope all goes well for you @Salgal


Thanks @Catherine it’s reassuring to know they don’t hurt, hopefully will feel a bit better once I have had it :x::x::x:


@Barbara I had a right Hemicolectomy, do you know if this effects eveyone that has a right Hemicolectomy?



@Jim3rg Not sure. Would have thought so. Worth asking.