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Travel and travel insurance

I would appreciate any advice about what might be the best options on the above topic.

My wife has been diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer and is about to embark on a course of chemo.

I have spoken to my current insurers and they have indicated that anything related to her condition will be excluded. They have also said in all other respects she will be covered. They provide no facility to pay more to cover her specific condition and suggested I might like to seek out a separate and specific medical condition only policy for this. My question is where should I go for this cover? I have contacted BIBA but they only provide full travel policies.

I remember seeing a thread which had details of a particular company set up by a cancer victim/survivor but cannot find the thread or remember the company name.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi @PaulJames. We have just got insurance from Insurancewith for 7 days in Gran Canaria. Although my husband is not on treatment at the moment. They quoted much less than others. He was stage 4 with pulmonary embolisms and this was covered for £55.


Hi @PaulJames I am just running out the door but I am having the same issue. I have had a quote from Insurancewith as well - I looked at loads and they seemed by far the best in my situation. :x::x:


thanks to both of you - I am currently waiting for them to answer their phone!


It does take ages for them to answer. I think they must get really busy.


Hi, I got insurance for my husband, also Stage 3, with Insurewith , for an upcoming holiday he should be finished Chemo by the holiday but they quoted based on his current treatment , so having chemo, it was under £100 for Europe , another Company which was was recommended on here was Allclear Travel although they came out more expensive for us. Chris


Thank you Chris - very helpful

One point to note - don't phone Insurancewith within 2 months of surgery as they will not quote. I wasted 20 minutes holding on their phone system and another 20 minutes answering questions to then be told I would have to call back and answer all the same questions again next time!


Sorry about that @PaulJames. I didn’t know that because my husband had his surgery last year. Hope you manage to get sorted soon.


Yes sorry didn’t think about that as my husband also had his surgery last year, Chris


Hi @PaulJames insuredwith refused me because I am waiting to find out about a trial. After a lot of searching I have finally got cover for a week in Portugal for £37 with a company called World First. I'm stage 4 and I declared all cancer related conditions and treatment. Maybe give them a go. :x:


Thanks Alwyn - I know someone who works at World First so that might work out quite well.