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david watt

Preparing for the worst

Hi, I have been on immunotherapy for 16 months now and for the first 14 months has worked very well, no pain, no new bits of cancer, mild side effects. But over the last 2 months since the last ctscan have felt activity in chest and waist which was not there before. My next ctscan is on Monday and will have to wait a week for the results, but am fairly certain it is going to be bad news. Will probably have to go back to chemotherapy and start applying for clinical trials, as am not expecting the chemo to be effective. Am going to have to start using the pain killer's soon, and am dreading what the ctscan is going to say. Best wishes David


Oh @david watt, you poor thing, waiting is horrific. I have everything crossed that it is just your mind playing horrible tricks on you and that you have a fantastic scan result. Sending you big hugsxxx

david watt

Thanks for the support and kind words, I am getting worse nerves every ctscan every 9 weeks now as immunotherapy has worked for 14 months and at some point it will stop working.
So far things have gone well and I keep expecting this evil 😈 disease to grow or spread. 3 months to my 40th birthday and just hoping I can get through another year of immunotherapy without progression. I pray every day for a cure to be found, we can do so much, why can't we kill these silly little cells.


Hi @david watt, im a year on into my stage 4 cancer diagnosis. Currently 37, like you i too pray that i make it to 40 - both my girls will have made it to secondary school by then. Hoping also for a cure to this most heartbreaking disease :x::x:

david watt

Overall ctscan was stable, with no new bits of cancer, but one lymph node has grown by 2mm, which is the first growth in 16 months, am now having my 22nd dose of Pembro immunotherapy, which combined with a vegan diet seems to have worked so far. Do not know of any one else on the forum having long term response from immunotherapy. Was a bit annoyed ctscan was not ready for my appointment on Monday morning and had to walk around hospital 2 hours waiting for the results. Best wishes David


Great news @david watt

Time to relax a bit and live life!

Sending love and best wishes,



Amazing news @david watt so encouraging to see the success you are having with it.


Great news @david watt ,relax a little :x::x:


Positive news @david watt.
Is there anyone else on this forum besides yourself who is on pembro/keytruda?
I'm sure you're top of the leader board in terms of cycles! ☺


Hi @david watt this is brilliant! Well done. I find CT scanxiety gets worse each time. Was convinced my persistent cough would mean lung mets! Here’s to keeping on, keeping on. Start planning what to do for your 40th!! I’m 39 this year. I love a spa / hotel sleep!! Well done again :x:

Bear G

Hi @david watt
Great news that things are going so well for you.

In answer to your question, I've been on Avastin (which is a form of immunotherapy) for over 4 years and still getting results. It's given alongside capcitabine.

Big hugs



@david watt Great to read that your scan showed all is stable. Time to start planning that 40th birthday. :x::x:


That sounds like great news @david watt - time to celebrate.


Fab news @david watt so pleasing to read your post :x::x:


Such good news @david watt. I am so pleased for you. Keep on trucking Buddy you are doing great. :x:


@david watt that’s great news, so pleased for you :x::x:


@david watt . Great to read your news . Very pleased for you and good to see updates on immunotherapy drugs . Best wishes David . Jane :x: