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New to the forum?


New and scared 20/03.... surgery done 18/04

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. Im in absolute shock. I'm a mum of 3, my baby is only 16 weeks old. I have a 9 and 6 year old.

I have been having problems for a couple of years on and off but they got a lot worse during the second half of my pregnancy with bleeding, mucous, constipation, liquid stool etc. GP fobbed me off each time saying IBS, won't be anything worse at your age (36 now).

After my pregnancy I mentioned it again at my 6 week check. Had a calprotectin stool test which came back showing inflammation. Was given medication for IBD and symptoms got better.

I think every one suspected IBD, including me.

I had a colonoscopy on Sunday morning and they found 45mm 'probably malignant polypoidal tumour'.( In Rectum)

Have been referred for staging CT and MRI and wait for x5 biopsy results.

I'm so scared and shocked and numb.

Thought last year was the worst of our lives as our 6 year old had a lung removed due to irreversible damage caused by Cystic Fibrosis. Our little girl was born 16 weeks ago and everything seemed to be going well and feeling positive for the future. I'm now feeling terrified and lost. Google hasn't help.

Anyone with advice or been in a similar situation?

Thank you in advance


Hi @KatieR,

Thank you for your message. And thanks to everyone who sent messages before op! You are all amazing and caring.
All seems to have gone well. I don't have a stoma. It was keyhole and he went through my C-Section scar for the biggest incision.
I'm not in pain thanks to the morphine pump.
I have been made cups of tea and peppermint tea for the wind pain. Also had a refreshing wash! The care is great.
I even had a visit from my 3 beauties, Mum, Sister and husband!
Have slept a lot of the day but quite awake at the moment!.
Glad it's done :x::x::x::x:


Great to hear it’s all done and dusted @LWJ81

Time to rest and recover now!

Lots of love,



Good to hear from you @LWJ81, glad surgery has gone well.
Rest now and recuperate , wishing you a speedy recovery :x::x::x:


Sorry jittery morphine hands not xxcc it was meant to be thanks @jinnyp xxxx! 🙈


Sending best wishes for a comfortable and straightforward recovery @LWJ81 . :x::x:


@LWJ81 Good to hear the op is over and that your back on the ward recovering, you will be home soon and that first nights sleep in your own bed gives you a nice boost.

Take care and hope you have a speedy recovery.



Hi @Jim3rg,

Thank you. Im sitting in the chair at the moment being brought cups of tea.
Have been told not to eat too much but am not that hungry to be honest!
Luckily I have my own cubicle because my husband works at the hospital used to work on this ward so feel lucky to have bit more privacy.
The doctors have said I might start getting bloated and sicky over next couple of days.
How did your appointment go? :x::x:


@LWJ81 Are they giving you anti sickness drugs? I got them as a matter of course, my doc said there was no point in being sick if it could be avoided.
My appointment went well thanks, T3 N0 M0, mri showed cyst on my liver but. nothing to be worried about. I have an appointment with the Oncologist in 26th to see if chemo will be offered.

Have a speedy recovery and hope you get home soon.

Take care.



I'm glad that your appointment went well. :x::x:

I had an anti sickness IV last night and they told me to ask for some when I feel I need. The care is great here. They said they are going to get me walking tomorrow and will probably take me off the morphine pump and switch to tablet pain relief.

Thanks again @Jim3rg, take care :x::x::x::x:


Lovely to read your positive update @LWJ81

Keep up the good work and you’ll soon be home in your own bed!




An update! Been in some pain since yesterday morning, mostly bloating and discomfort. Had cannulas and catheter removed so can walk around a bit.
Surgeon has been in to check on me and have a little chat every day ( mostly not about surgery!!) and said it would be a few days before bowel is working..... Any ideas how long from your experiences? I have passed wind 🙈
I'm only managing jelly /ice cream to eat.
I'm drinking plenty though.
It sounds silly but I don't think that I realised how big an op it was until Wed morning with consents etc. Have had time to think I suppose with nothing else to do!
Hopefully a better day today with moving around etc

Thanks in advance


@LWJ81 It was 5 days for me, l remember I was thinking it was never going to happen, walking around as often as you are able, will help.

Good luck.



Thanks @Jim3rg, gives me an idea!!!! :x::x:


@LWJ81, hello there, just catching up on your posts. Well done on getting through your surgery. Sending you all the very best for a speedy recovery. Big healing hugs :x::x::x:


Thank you @Sparrow, I have just been allowed out for some fresh air in a wheelchair, and visited by the children and been up walking a bit. So tired now!! :x::x:


Hi @LWJ81 glad to hear the operation went well and you have no stoma bag. I had my right hemi operation on the 15th April and was allowed home on Sunday evening - so exactly 7 days in hospital, and it is so nice to be back in my own bed. Keyhole didn't work so I have an 20cm zip stapled together. No piece bathing costume for me anymore!

I found peppermint tea, or eating chewing gum helped me a lot - it refreshes the mouth and gets the gut working., and you don't swallow it. I couldn't pass wind for almost the whole week and it was the trapped wind that was causing me pain. For a couple of days I had to have an NG (nasal gastro) tube put through the nose to the stomach because I was vomiting up bile and that was the worst bit, but had to laugh when my 7 year old granddaughter laughed at GrannyMac with her elephant trunk!

I found walking as much as possible helped enormously and I kept to a light diet of soups, jelly, ice cream and iced lollies rather than trying to eat cooked meals or even sandwiches. My husband read all the Beating Bowel Cancer Booklets, especially the Eating Well one and went out and bought all the right ingredients and has been wonderful at cooking me small but delicious meals and the nether region seems to be functioning OK but still early days yet.

The main thing is to keep a positive attitude, let your family help as much as they can, and I only found this site when my Macmillan nurse told me about it a month ago when I was diagnosed, but I have found it so supportive and know that I will need help when I get to the chemo stage in 4-5 weeks time.

Hope you are back home now with your husband and children, but if not, it won't be long before you are.

Elmac / Elaine / GrannyMac