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Colonoscopy early this afternoon. The preparation was difficult, although no pain like last time, there seemed to be a huge amount of water to take with the Moviprep which made it hard to drink and led to bloating. Think I had Picolax last time which was easier to drink. Also the leaflet said there'd be no more toilet visits after about 2 hours since finishing Moviprep but it went on much longer and rushed to the toilet on waking today. Hope it doesn't cause me a problem as I'm using public transport to get to hospital.


Good luck @belinda66

You have reminded me that I made a mental note last time, to start the prep 2 hours earlier than recommended, to avoid that last minute emergency.

Hope you get a nice, straightforward test and no nasty bits found. :x::x:




Good luck Good luck @belinda66, I will be having that fun next month.


Thanks for your replies.

Well, it's a good thing I had the colonoscopy before the 3 years policy of my hospital because a polyp was found yesterday. This sort of thing tends to contradict the claim used by some Trusts that a polyp takes 5 years to grow. This polyp has grown in just under 2 years. They were so busy in Endoscopy that I couldn't be put in the recovery area as the beds were being used by in-patients. Overworked staff as per usual but they were nice.

@Lizalou - hope all goes well with your colonoscopy and I am very relieved you're having one now.


Thanks @belinda66

Glad that you have been sorted and can now relax for a while. But yes, that polyp could have been much nastier in 2 or 3 years.

I feel very justified in my request now, and a bit worried that I could so easily have been reassured by the 5 year advice.



Hi @Lizalou

I was the same about waiting for years and so glad that I found this site as it's been a treasure for information.

The polyp has been sent to the lab so it might yet prove to be cancerous.


The units are really really busy, and i went at weekend! Fingers crossed for you that its NOT cancerous @belinda66 and it just shows how these little polyps grow. :x::x::x::x: