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Is there a meet-up group in Essex?

Hi all, I joined the BBC group almost a year ago and have found the support and sharing of experiences from others in the same situation has been invaluable. When I recently had Radiotheraphy at Colchester Hospital it was good to talk to other patients face to face and not have to wear my positive hat all the time. I found myself wondering just how many others there for appointments were BC patients and if so, were any of them using this forum?

So it got me thinking! As I sometimes read of meet-up groups in other areas I wondered if there is one for this area, North Essex/Suffolk. I live midway between Colchester and Braintree and would love to meet up with others for a chat and/or lunch. I am not a Facebook user and there may already be a group in this area but if there isn't, would anyone else like to meet up sometime? Not sure how we'd go about this yet but it would be a start to hear if any others feel the same. I hope so :x::x::x:


Hi @Lynette, I live near Chelmsford and would definitely be up for an Essex meet up. I know there have been some in Hemel Hempstead and London but the dates weren’t possible for me at the time.
Count me in, think it’s a great idea! :x::x:


Hi @jinnyp, that's just brilliant and hopefully over the next week we'll get a few more to join us. :x::x:


That would be great 😄 @Lynette, do you have all of your treatment at Colchester or just radiotherapy? I have mine at Harlow, just had a PET scan at Colchester recently. :x::x:


@jinnyp Most of my treatment and appointments are at Colchester. Hope we get chance to meet soon but if you want to send me a private message to swap details before then please do :x::x:


Can I join the party please - I am further down on Canvey Island and still can't drive yet but I'd love to meet up....:x::x::x::x:


Of course you can @Stillme. The more the merrier and we'll arrange something we can all get to :D :x::x: