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mri scan

Had another mri on liver today hopeful tumour shrunk enough to allow surgery but since august its been too close to main vein .fingers xx for some good news


Good luck @tigercub, I was in a similar situation to you at the end of last year and they stopped chemo in November and liver resection in January. Mine was very close to a main vein, but the chemo got to it, you never know.:x::x:

terri m

Hi@tigerclub. I will be wishing you all the best for positive news from your MRI. Hopefullly you will be able to have surgery in the near future :x::x:


hi i like to read other peoples sucess stories .it has already shrunk 50% but still not enough if it hasnt shrunk i think its back on chemo .the waiting is awful isnt it .how long was you in hospital for .if i get a resection it will be at basingstoke .how are you feeling


@tigercub fingers crossed for good results :x::x:


AHH thanks such rubbish time :x:


Hi @tigercub, I am feeling really good, being very careful not to lift anything too heavy, prone to hernia, after liver resection. I was in hospital for eleven days but that was because I got a urine infection due to the catheter and I was away with the fairies! And the majority of the ward, including myself, developed chest infection. Fantastic if Basingstoke are operating n your liver, do you live down that way? I nearly asked to be referred there but opted for a local hospital. Good luck with everything and let's hope they can lift the tumour away from the vein.:x::x:


Hi no I'm not near Basingstoke I'm in Essex .my local hospital ask Basingstoke for advice and help .my local hospital would operate on bowel which one first I don't know .good your doing well .:x: