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margaret ensor

Secondary lung cancer

Anyone had any experience with colon cancer returning as secondary lung cancer? I live in Spain and feel completely alone except for my husband. Gratefull for any help. Margaret


Hi @margaret ensor and a very warm welcome to the forum. I’m sure you’ll find this a friendly and supportive place with lots of information and advice from forum members.

I’m sorry to read your news and your feelings of isolation. I don’t have direct experience of secondary spread to lungs but I’m sure there will be others affected who will be along to say hello and share their experiences.

Sending you all my very best wishes,



Hi @margaret ensor welcome to the forum. I am so sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis, especially after 3 years in remission. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2016, which was followed by surgery to remove the tumour and then mop up chemo for 6 months. However, at my 1 year scan they found I had 4 small mets in my lungs ( 3 on right and 1 on left) and was told I am now stage 4. As they felt I had progressed while on FOLFOX mop up ( 5fu and oxalyplatin) , they put me on to FOLFIRI ( 5fu and irinotecan) for 6 months. I don't know if you've had chemo already, but I found the side effects to be quite different. FOLFOX made me susceptible to the cold ( neuropathy) and quite tired, FOLFIRI affected my bowels more and I suffered more with ulcers. My hair thinned with both, but I didn't lose it all, and I was lucky enough not to suffer any sickness either. Everyone is different and I'm sure others will add their own experiences to answer your question. The FOLFIRI has reduced the tumour sizes and I'm now being considered for RFA or even surgery.
I have found this forum to be invaluable for good advice, information and a shoulder to lean on when needed.
Sending you hugs, P :x::x::x::x:


Hi and a warm welcome to the forum from me too @margaret ensor .
I'm sorry to hear you have secondary bowel cancer in your lungs. Myself and a few others on the forum also have experience of lung metastases so you are certainly not on your own here.
I have just read your profile and I see you are due to start chemo which is something I have no experience of (in relation to lung mets) so unfortunately I can't really offer any advice on which chemo your team would perhaps use. Is there any support for you in Spain via the hospital or your GP? We do have a nurse advisory on the forum and I wonder if it is worth you getting in touch either by email, telephone or on here? Please let me know if this is the case and I will guide you. We will be here to support you in any way we can and try not to loose hope.
Sending love to you and your Husband :x::x:


Hi, I just wanted to give you a 'hug' and say that once a plans in place you will feel better, however im sure you already know that from your previous experience. Wishing you all the luck and best wishes in the world. :x:


Hello @margaret ensor. I am sorry your cancer returned after three years in the form of metastatic lesions in your lungs. Exactly the same thing happened to me after three years in remission, three very small nodules popped cruel isn’t it? My oncology team swung into action very quickly. I had nine cycles of Cetuximab and Folfiri and also irinotican. This working well and reduced the nodules by a third. Prior to that these nodules had been judged as “inoperable “ by the surgical team. I have just started now on stereotactic radiation...or cyber knife as it’s called. Hopefully you will get a similar results from your chemo. The one downside in all this is than my last scan revealed uptake in my under arm lymph nodes, I am having a guided biopsy on Thursday, hopefully this will assist the team to eliminate them. I wish you well :x::x:

margaret ensor

I will reply later to all you wonderful people I am just in tears at such kindness after years of isolation. Thank you all so much. Hope I can help others with my experience. Love to you all margaret


Hi @margaret ensor So sorry you feel so alone you are not I have secondary to the lungs, I have had surgery RFA and chemotherapy and Ithere are several options which your oncologist will go through with you. You will get loads of help and support from this forum just ask away.
Best wishes
Kim :x::x:

springer michelle

Please don't feel alone. You really are never alone if you stay here and let others help you through your journey. :x:


@margaret ensor , sorry for late reply ( more dramas going on!!)
Just wanted to say hello, sorry to hear your news ,
We are all here to help share your load ,
Much love


Hi @margaret ensor I was diagnosed back in 2013 and had a reoccurance across both lungs in 2015.

I had two resection ops in early 2016 followed by 6 months of Capox. I had a really bad reaction to the oxi so I agreed with my oncologist to reduce the dosage. This kept everything under control for the remaining sessions.

Happy to answer any questions you might have


So pleased you have found our forum @margaret ensor, as no one should feel alone with this disease, and our forum is a great place to find the friendly help and support you need. It a shock when cancer returns and although I haven’t had lu g mets, I did have aiver net that was removed with RFA, and I’ve been NED for 18 months. Once you get over your initial feeling, I’m sure you will find the positivity to go forward again. Sending you lots of love from a cold and frozen UK. Diane :x::x::x::x:

margaret ensor

Small glimmer of hope! I was told yesterday I might be a candidate for cyber knife . Previously I was told chemo had to stop because kidneys failing!! This chemo gave me really bad reactions. I now need kidney specialist and hospital approval! Still tiny bit of hope in the darkness better than a slap with a wet fish!! Margaret ensor


Glimmers of hope are always good @margaret ensor!

Let's hope that this is the way forward for you! Let us know how things go if you can?

Lots of love,



Hello @margaret ensor sorry to read your news at least you have a lovely there in Spain to support you too. Hope the cyber knife clincal pathway goes well for you.

Hugs and positive healing :x::x::x:


Hi @margaret ensor ! I also have lung Mets and start 6 months of chemo next week (Folfox6 modified plus bevacizumab). I'm sure you will feel more positive once you start treatment , especially with a supportive husband . I just take one day at a time (very cliched, I know!) and try not to think about prognosis etc. None of us knows what lies ahead, so just carry on as normally as possible . :x::x::x:


@margaret ensor ...good luck Margaret and welcome to the forum, I don’t have lung mets so can’t comment but their is friendship and support on this forum in abundance...sending lots of love :x: