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Starting cycle 7 mop up

So on to mop up (folfox/5fu) we go, we were due to start last week but had a delay of a week due to my son getting chicken pox, hubby has had it but the chemo unit wanted to be ultra cautious. So he is all hooked up and up stairs resting. For those that had a break and then went back on to chemo, are the effects cumulative? i.e did the neuropathy ramp up even tho you had a break?
And for the great news, his post surgery cea is 1, so so so happy!!! Fingers crossed this is a good sign


Hi @charleyb Great to hear that Charley's CEA is 1 (same as mine now) and he will be starting chemo soon. After bowel surgery I had 6 folfox, liver re-section and after 6 weeks break restarted 6 cycles of folfox and tomorrow will be on cycle 11. For me the side effects haven't got worse including the neuropathy, which is bearable. However, my blood test levels are not recovering in the 2 week cycle, particularly the platelets so I have had a couple of cycles postponed for a week. Hope your son isnt in too much discomfort with the dreaded chicken pox. :x::x::x:


Wonderful news for you @charleyb . Wishing him all the best for his treatment. :x::x:


@eyeofthetiger wow are you at cycle 11 already, that seems to of flown (probably not for you tho!!) Yes i am so happy his cea is so low, keeping everything crossed its a good sign.
Interesting about your bloods, can they give you the injection for platelets? i know they will probably give Charlie the injection if his wbc drop, but not sure about platelets.
The pox is almost gone, he didn`t have it too bad to be honest, i`m waiting now for my 1 yr old to get it :x::x:


@charleyb Glad to hear that the pox is almost gone. My Onc said they would consider giving me a platelet transfusion if on cycle 12 they haven't recovered. I cant believe that my chemo is nearly over. When I was told my treatment plan after diagnosis in April, I wasnt sure if I was strong enough to cope with 2 major surgeries and 2 rounds of chemo after being so ill and weak prior to diagnosis but here I am and cancer free at this moment in time. To be honest I have found the physical side much easier to deal with than the mental/emotional side of the cancer journey. I am still deliberating whether to have the colostomy reversal which has been offered if I am still cancer free in May as I have heard some horror stories but will be guided by my surgeon. Wishing Charley all the best for his chemo :x::x::x:


@eyeofthetiger Its crazy isn`t it! Charlies original Onc would not tick the curative box back in July, and just look at him now, cancer free after chemo, radio and two open surgeries. When i think what he has achieved in just 5/6 months it blows my mind. He has always been super strong and super positive, but these last few weeks have really tested him. He has shed a tear or two, and asked why me, and that it feels so unfair, so i definitely agree the mental/emotional side has been harder. I`m hoping that now he is back on chemo, and back on the plan he will feel stronger. I think all the waiting around after surgery has driven him crazy. Wishing you loads and loads of luck with the final one, big celebration after number 12!!! :x::x::x::x:


Great news @charleyb! A CEA of 1.......magic!



Great to hear hubby has fully recovered from his ops and is now ready for chemo @charleyb! Bring it on ??! :x::x:


Thankyou @Baxter2 and @mem

How you doing @mem any news on your lung thingies? :x::x:


I'm doing really well thankyou @charleyb. I am still waiting for a scan appointment re lung thingies? Will be putting my chasing-hat on if it doesn't arrive by the end of Feb ? :x::x: