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HELP please ... possible liver spread

So ..... I write with crazy news form our end, we went to see the professor after HIPEC to see the next plan and in the hope the cancer was at bay, we had some mixed results.... the cancer in the peritoneum appears to be at bay for the moment following the HIPEC surgery with no disease elsewhere, but they threw us a bit of a curve ball... there is a 9mm suspicious legion been found in the liver in section 4a and they believe this to be either a cyst or cancer spread! We are of course devastated if it is more cancer and will fight it any which way we can, the mri has been pulled forwards as I did my usual and kicked off for something ASAP! There is a chance it could be a cyst but the chances are very slim given Chris’s aggressive cancer! Chris is reluctant everyone knowing until we know for sure and have a new plan of action!! I just wanted to ask more about the liver - this is all new to me and I’ve no idea where to start ! I asked about surgery but they were reluctant as he’s had two
Major procedures in less than a year! They mentioned Ablation but I believe this isn’t a curative option and just to keep it from getting bigger... I know there is SIRT our there, would anyone be able to share and tell me more? Also I think there is something called cyberknife ? Thank you for reading and hope you don’t mind me asking you all! Lots of love to you all
:x: :x: :x:


Morning @Fighting4hubs

It’s always a blow when you hear of yet another challenge ahead isn’t it?! Let’s hope the mri reveals a cyst only! If not, I believe the liver is quite treatable depending on location iof the lesion.

I had a liver resection about 6 weeks prior to my CRS and HIPEC and I know @GD1962 has had same but HIPEC before liver resection. The liver resection was a walk in the park in comparison!

Take care!



Hi @Fighting4hubs

Sorry about your news but please do not panic as the situation was similar to mine. Had CRS and HIPEC on 14th December then liver resection of solitary tumour on 6th lobe of liver 1st February this year about seven weeks apart. I have been knackered but after about ten days now getting better daily.

The main point my surgeon made was that the peritoneum was the priority and that was done first, so went to plan last CT scan showed no further spread in liver prior to surgery. It is tough and now on watch and wait for six months until late CT scan in July.

Hugs and positive healing thoughts :x:


Hi @Fighting4hubs so sorry to hear this but dont worry. Although sounds scary an organ involved IF it turns out to be cancer, if there is just one isolated met a resection will fix that! I did read Stage 4 survival stats on cancer research U.K. and when liver is the place for secondary mets, it’s adtually gives you higher chance of 5 yr survival as just gets chopped out. Keeping all things crossed for you and keep going - just keep looking forward, never back. Lots love xx


@Fighting4hubs sorry to hear about the recent curve ball, cancer is just so cruel to us like that. I had no peri mets but I did have several on my liver and I just want to say that I had ablation on my left lobe. I was in a similar situation they couldn’t say for certain it was cancer or complete a biopsy due to it being liquidy. The ablation on my case was to get rid of the lesions so in a way could Be seemed curative in that sense. It has basically killed the cancer cells on that lobe and then I had my right side of liver removed.
Wishing you both all the best with a treatment plan! 💕