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Second opinion

Hi everyone
I asked my oncologist to refer me to the Royal Marsden for a second opinion. So after 2 months, yesterday I received a letter from Marsden, telling me that sorry they don't have any Trial to offer me at the moment. Question 1. I didn't ask for trial, 2, can they refer you for a trial without your authorisation? 3. Is it a mistake on the letter was not meant for me?. I will call my onc. Secretary next week, but at he moment I am very puzzled and concerned! Anyone had this experience? .thank you.:x::x:


Hello, I've not had this problem but I got a second opinion from the Marsden and found them very professional and pro active. I would ask you oncologist for a copy of the letter that was sent to see what they asked for. Sorry not much help but as well as asking your oncologist, if you have a contact for Marsden could give them a call directly? Hope you can get it sorted, two months seems like a very long time. :x::x:


@Mum37 thank you , I will call them on Monday! Thanks.:x::x:


@Sele2017. Maybe they The LOC in Harley Street. They offer a second opinion service but to u will have to pay for it :x::x::x:


@Sele2017 did you see the referral letter? could that have indicated a trial. We get copies of all our letters. But it could just have been a mistake.
For us we had a second opinion at the Royal Marsden and they were brilliant, we were referred by our Onc, however we didn`t hear anything for two weeks, so hubby called and made the private appointment himself, we were never taken on as patients but they act as our experts, and we have had all surgery there.
I would also recommend Harley st like @Tiffany , my hubby had surgery there, not at LOC but at the clinic and they were amazing!!!


@Tiffany and charleyb, thank you so much for your advised, I will call both Marsden and Harley st. I will keep you posted. Thank you.:x::x:


Definitely call both!! wishing you lots of luck :x::x: