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Worrying Under Arm Lymph Nodes !

I hope you are all well.

I turned up at the hospital for my stereotactic radiation/ cyber knife appointment yesterday, only to be told that “my treatment was not now going ahead “ I was stunned literally by this news. The consultant later explained that the areas under each armpit lit up on my most recent CT scan. It was explained this could be another cancer, or something quite trivial which would disappear as quickly as it appeared. After a meeting with my oncologist later that day, the consultant phoned me to say that after lengthy discussion it had been decided to proceed with the cyber knife treatment and monitor the under arm lymph nodes on a later scans. On the one hand I’m relieved, but also acutely aware I now have another worry what these areas are? Has anyone else had this or similar?

Alan C

@John2628 best news from your post is that cyberknife is going ahead as originally planned. As you know the lymph nodes can react to different things like an infection etc. Good luck with the procedure and let us know how things go. All the best. :)


@John2628. Not had any experience with this but good news that they are proceeding. What a roller coaster though. Take things easy as it will take a few days to digest and put your positive hat on again. We are all cheering you on from the sidelines. Focus on getting the earliest date to move forward. Hugs Bridget :x::x::x:

Polly 1

Gosh what a shock and how annoying they only told you when you turned up for the treatment. Glad to hear of the later decision but annoying they didnt think more about timing and letting you know what was going on :x::x:


More twists, turns and unpredictability with this blinkin disease @John2628!

Keep your chin up and keep looking forward!

Sending hugs,



Thanks to @Alan C @Bridget55 @Polly 1 @Baxter2 for your comments, onwards and upwards I guess is the only way forward. Thanks again to you all :x::x::x: