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Confused anyone help

my mother was dignosed with Cancer in April 2015. My mother is 74 75 this year
A bit about my story.
Mother had treatment via Radiothrepy for 6 weeks (July 15) before a operation took place in (October 2015) which removed a 10cm tumour from 7cm inside her rectum. The doctor which performed the operation said the tumour was pretty much a bastard to get it was like chewy when you stick it on the floor and try remove it.
Afterwards my mother was put on chemo tablets for 6 months from December 16 - June 16 after this another scan was performed in October 2016 which showed a small tumour by her coxyx stuck to a bone 1.7mm (not bone cancer we have been told) and a small tumour on her pelvis lining 1.2cm. We was god they Was inoperable, still never staged at this time, was told we don't stage this kind of cancer.
my mother started Chemo via a drip line in Jan 2017 folfox with introcan (they also introduced a drug with them beginning with a C i think its spelt cextium ) after 3 months of chemo another scan it showed both tumours one had gone from 1.7mm to 1.2mm and the other from 1.2cm to 0.7cm, however due to infections and side affects with cextium she was taken off this and the last 4 sessions just chemo was given.
My mother was off the chemo in August 2017. My Mothr had another scan in October 2017 was reviewed which showed the cancers had stabled with no growth in them.
we was told we are re looking at operating on the tumours, unfortunately just after being told this my mothers henria twisted and she spent 8 weeks in hospital and had to have a op to fix it.
My Mum had a scan about 4 weeks ago, we went to see the surgeon last week, he told us the tumours had grown slightly and the operation was too dangerous to perform, they would need to take a section of bone away and couldn't be certain the cancer would not come back also her quality of life wouldn't be the best if she survived the operation. He told us he would say the same to a 21 year old.
Today we have been told its locally advanced inoperable stage 4 cancer ? but we was told in October it was operable ( i think not doing a operation on her has something to also do with the henira) he said its stage 4 because they cant operate on the tumours however my mother has no signs of cancer or mets unless the one on pelvis lining is a met ? anywhere else in the body apart from where the orinigal tumour was, i do think the tumour on her/by coxyx was never removed fully.
Mum is due to start on the same chemo as above without the added drug from last time in 3 weeks time.
We are due to see him again in five weeks so if anyone could help me with trails.
I did ask if there was anything else she could have and he said no. I know there is trails other chemo drugs or why my mum is having folifox with introcan and not folixfox with avastin what is the difference ?
it would be a great help to me as i would like to go back and tell him my options and make sure he knows am clued up so he can’t fob us off just because of my mothers age. Even more so a second opinion at Christie’s ?
he said she could have 6 months she could have 6 years who knows. (my mother has also started taking vitamins C and E Cannabis Oil with high THC minerals and tumruic tablets

Lady GT

Good morning @smiggs05 .
Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you, somehow you seem to have slipped through the net!
There's a lot going on in your post, can I unpick it a little to make it clearer in MY head?

* Your mother had rectal cancer and the tumour was removed in Oct 2015
* She then had 'mop up' chemotherapy for 6 months which, as it was in tablet form, was probably Capecitabine
* A scan in Oct 2016 showed a tumour in her coccyx and another in her pelvis lining. These tumours were deemed inoperable
* To deal with these tumours, your mother had further chemotherapy. This time it was Folfox with Irinotecan and possibly Cetuximab. This shrank the tumours a little but due to side effects, the Cetuximab was removed for the last few cycles.
* In October last year, a scan showed that the tumours were stable and you were told that surgery might be possible
* But the most recent scan shows slight growth and you are now told that they are inoperable.
* NOW you want to know what chemotherapy options are available and why your mother has moved from being operable to inoperable?

It's all so confusing, isn't it?

I can't comment on trials or the different types of chemotherapy but what does seem clear to me is that you don't quite understand the decisions that are being made for your mother, or what her options might be.

Two things occur to me.

1. Is there any way you can schedule another appointment with the oncologist before your Mum starts her next treatment? You have questions you need answered and you have every right to ask them.

2. Can you ask for a second opinion from another oncologist?

I'm sure the treatments your Mum is being offered are deemed best for her in the circumstances, but you need to fully understand it all.

I'd be a bit proactive on her behalf and try to ask a professional the questions you've written in your post.

Do let us know how things go?