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Beating Bowel Cancer Community

Stage 4 bowel cancer

El Ivan

Liver resection Number 4

After being clear for 15 months and over 4 years into this rollercoaster, last June 2017 I had a recurrence and was told this time I was inoperable. I finished another 8 rounds of Capox in December and luckily the tumour has shrunk down from 72mm to 42mm. I went for my pre-op yesterday and am pleased to say that my fantastic Liver Surgeon is going to give it a go on the 31st January. I've been told it's in a very difficult position to remove due to it being intimately involved with the Hepatic veins but nothing ventured, nothing gained eh?
So anybody looking for a bit of encouragement after a recurrence as I'm sure we all have done in the past even on "Google" (Very naughty) outdated statistics etc. Keep the faith as none of us know what's around the corner. Unless you have a mirror, then you do, but you know what I mean. :)


@El Ivan - so pleased to hear that you're home and everything has been a success .
Keep on keeping on :x::x:


Bloody fantastic news @El Ivan - you're doing brilliantly!


Welcome home @El Ivan !!! Take it easy and enjoy the footy :x::x::x:


@El Ivan, have somehow missed all of your news. Over the moon your surgery went well and you are at home with your feet up. Enjoy the rest :x::x::x::x::x:


Hi @El Ivan so pleased you have had your surgery and you are home. Best of luck for your recovery love D :x::x::x::x:


I haven't been on here for so long now but I'm so, so glad to see that things are looking up again for you, @El Ivan. Keep on keeping on, as you say :) :x::x::x:


missed this mate! Hope the recovery is going well!?


I missed this as well @El Ivan . Hope you are making a good recovery. :x::x:

El Ivan

Hi @Sean @Alwyn, I finally got the surgery drain removed yesterday so that’s 7 weeks since surgery. I kept getting infections and was rehospitalised twice but they finally managed to get it all sorted. Due to the amount of Bile that was collecting I had to have an ECRP procedure and two weeks after that the bile is finally going the right way and not in to my drain. Good luck everyone with where you are at in your treatment plan, I do pop on very regularly to see how other people are doing and to offer support if I can.
Keep on keeping on...
Ivan 😃 :x:

Polly 1

Glad to hear things are finally going the right way @El Ivan onwards and upwards 😊 :x::x:


Great to hear your doing well, and the drain is now out! @El Ivan :x::x::x:


How happy am I to hear your drain has now been removed @El Ivan 😀🎉! You've been through such a tough time of late and I'm SO glad you're now on your way up, and long may you remain up too! :x::x:


Wow @El Ivan, so glad the bile is sorted & the drain is at last out! 😊😘 :x::x::x:


Hope you're finally feeling better with the drain out @El Ivan !

Bear G

Great to see you’re still rocking on @El Ivan
Thanks for the update and congrats on handling this all so well!
Big hugs


Hi @El Ivan

Just a follow up hope you are doing well after liver resection, we had ours the sameday..

Cheers :x:


Ahhh glad your FINALLY sorted👍🏻

El Ivan

Thanks for all your messages everyone.
I hope you have been recovering well @GD1962 and have been keeping away from nasty infections! I’ve been reading your posts and you seem to have been recovering well and long may it continue.
I’ve just seen your message @tumbleweed and I hope you are staying fit and well.
Ivan 😃


Good news @El Ivan sit back relax and recover :x::x:


Thank you, @El Ivan, fingers crossed but I 'think' I'm still doing ok. Always afraid to jinx it though. Pleased to see that your drain is out now and things re moving in the right direction again :)