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denise pasco

New diagnosis

Hello new here just been diagnosed today still in shock as didn't have symptoms other than anemia will be going through an operation in coming weeks would appreciate any help to get me through as this as I'm still in shock thanks .


Hello @denise pasco , welcome , and I’m sorry circumstances have meant you joining us , we all remember very clearly the moment we or our loved one were diagnosed, there will lots of support coming your way firstly stay away from google!!! Very outdated statistics, and and I found very little positives!!! You can read any of our profiles, you will get to know to amazing inspirational people, there will be sad stories, but their will also be lots and lots of positive stories, you will have a lots of tests coming up , take each one as it comes, if you have someone who can go with for support, great , don’t be afraid to write down questions, because you will forget to ask, no question is silly, Believe me when I say this is the worst time , once you have a treatment plan you adjust to a new normal, take one day at a time , talk it over, cry if you want , getting angry is ok , we have all been there!!!!
Keep us updated
Best of luck

denise pasco

Thank you it's just a blur at the moment thanks for the tip about Google i would rather hear from others that have gone or going through it :x:


Hi Denise, I too was in total shock when I got the diagnosis, but as time went by the medical team formulated a plan for my treatment after all the tests were done. As a result I became more in control and understood what was happening. Sweet cheeks is spot on about asking questions of the middies, get support, talk to those close to you, please use this forum and don’t google looking for answers. Positive thoughts and prayers heading your way. :x::x:


Medics not meddies!


Hello and a very warm welcome to the forum from me too @denise pasco.
I’m sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Your thoughts, understandably, must be all over the place right now. I'm sure we all remember that feeling well.
It is still very early days for you, so I have attached one of our booklets for you to read if you want to, rather than searching the internet at this stage. If there any questions you may have, please ask away.
Sending love and I am glad you have joined a very supportive and understanding group. xx


Welcome @denise pasco, although that does seem such a strange thing to say as it's a group i wish no one had to join, however it is a very lovely group full of support. I'm sorry to hear of your diagnose.
When mum was diagnosed with cancer in August she had absolutely no symptoms at all (other then like you anemia), seemed so unreal as she was the healthiest person with stage 3 cancer id ever known (until this group as actually it seems quite normal)...
Other then what the others have said I would also suggest getting a note pad to write any questions you have as they come into your head (a question will tend to spring into yoor head at the strangest times... I have a habit of waking at 3am with queries running through my head) when you are in a meeting we found our minds went blank, i also wrote all the responses as we'd also have a habit leaving a meeting but forgetting the details of what has been said or at times mum may have mis-understood what was being said. Mum also found it really helpful to write a diary of how she is feeling each day emotionally and physically.
Some off these maybe useful to you and some won't as everyone's journey and coping mechanism is different and whatever way you choose is will be right for you :x::x:


Hi @denise pasco,
The first few days/weeks will be a blur....the waiting and wondering is awful but once there is a plan things get better. We have all been in your shoes and in some ways life seems easier while on treatment as you have the security of hospital. We are all here for you. :x: :x:

denise pasco

Thanks everyone got my date for surgery a weeks time scary but want to get it over with now :x::x:


You'll be fine :x: :x: