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Rectal discharge and pain weeing

Hello hope you had a good weekend.

I have had a colostomy and keep getting urg to go to the toilet sometime white little things come out or sticky discharge sometime a little smelly and during the night wakes me up with a wet bum area so have very bad nights sleep. Also. I am coming up to the finish line 28 days Radiotherapy, finished chemotherapy friday is it normal when weeing for the penis to hurt, very painful when weeing and when finishing the worst pain doubled over in pain. Had a urine test ok. Checked for thrush not that.

Bear G

Good morning @Gavin
Charlotte the nurse advisor is on holiday for the next week so won't be able to respond to you until she's back.
I'm sorry that I can't offer any advice on this, from your other posts I know you e discussed this with your team but while you're waiting for Charlotte I'd suggest going back to your colorectal nurse emphasising how bad things are.
Big hugs