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Liver Surgeon Consultation today

Hi all

Attended liver surgeons clinic at Manchester Royal, very straight forward and polite gentleman. Told me that he did not have a date at the moment but said that it was bunkum and does not know how politicians can sleep at night, that cancer operations had not been cancelled as he had a backlog from December since May-Bot( great big stooping weak liar) pulled the plug on routine elective surgery.

That said, he was not concerned as their had been shrinkage in the solitary tumour and even if it kicks off he's taking it out, but operation should only be affected by new spread (fingers crossed). Was dispatched to specialist liver nurse who advised me that the surgeon was trying very hard to get me in next Tuesday and said there was a reasonable chance and that his secretary would ring me Monday if I was prepared to go under the knife at short notice. I said let me know and I will get down to Manchester, tout de suite, and on that note have already got a bag packed in anticipation.

Had my pre-op assessment and bloods done, so something might be afoot.

Fingers crossed :x::x:


Excellent developments!


Hi @LynneW

Anyway it was not all livers and bed pans today as my friend Suzie who works as a beauty therapist in Ardwick near the hospital took me out shopping and for lunch in Kendals in Manchester.

She managed to shop lift some tubs of Clarins Cream which we shared after we ran out the café without paying for our Lattes and toasted cibattas. We were pretending that we were real wives of Chester, but e did not get caught but we did have matching pink outfits. :D

I was telling Suzie and she agrees that we are both twisted,,,,,x


Thanks @HH79 @Sasa @Pam @jinnyp @CD1966

Just going to chill out over weekend and see what Monday brings :x::x::x:


Great news @GD1962 so pleased you are getting the surgery you need. Hopefully it will be all systems go on Tuesday. Hope it goes well and you have another quick recovery :x::x:


Oh great news @GD1962 am delighted things are moving on apace! :x::x:


Thanks @Mum37 and @Wendywood will update on any developments come Monday :x:


Wow things are moving fast @GD1962 fingers crossed for you :x:


Thanks @Pam hopefully get sorted sooner rather than later. Take care :x:


@GD1962 Hope you are having a chilled weekend in preparation for a busy week ahead! So glad that all is looking so positive for you.:x::x:


Thanks @LABluebell take care x :)


@GD1962 Wow great news that you could be having the liver surgery so quickly. Loving the image of you and Suzie scarpering from the cafe in your matching pink outfits, slapping on the Clarins. Think for it to be truly Emeryesque you needed to be wearing these!!!


Good luck next week @GD1962 :)


Thanks @chris61 hoping for the best :D


Oooh @eyeofthetiger You Are Awful But I Like You lolx ;D


@GD1962 (aka Hello Honky Tonks) Think the buck toothed vicar was my favorite character so appreciate your new profile pic. Sorry for deviating from your original post but I am partial to a bit of 70's comedy :x::x::x:


Hi All

No phone call today so no liver surgery on Tuesday, as consultant advised me cancer operation cancellations due to flu issues despite government statement to the opposite. I feel vindicated voting Labour last year as had voted for tories previous two times, was worried about their commitment to NHS, won't vote for them again. :x::x::x:


Sorry @GD1962 it's a no go for tomorrow but hopefully they can fit you in soon so keep you bags packed :x::x:


Hi @Mum37

Thanks for that will have to wait and see what comes of it. :x:


So sorry @GD1962 :x::x:


Hi @Pam to be expected :) :x: