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Wound not healing after bowel resection

Hope someone can help with this. Had bowed resectio on 6 December. Apart from one small part my wound has healed. Unfortunately it hasn’t healed underneath and nurses visiting everyday to pack and redress. Likely to need surgical reopening. Nurse mentioned a PICCU (? So) has anyone heard of one of these?


Sorry to hear this @chrissie

I had a large wound which opened about a third of the way and it took a while to heal with the the use of a vacuum pump dressing which was amazing! . I was still left with two then one little bit of about one centimetre which took forever to heal but thankfully did so eventually.

I’ve never heard of PICCU but I wonder if @Charlotte Nurse Advisor can help so I’ve tagged her in my comment.

Sorry I can’t be of more help! Sending all my best wishes as always,

K 💚💛💙❤️💜


Thanks @Baxter2 the nurse did say it was about the size of a mobile phone and needs changing every other day, was yours like this?


Hi @chrissie,

Mine was open from just below where my tummy button was (it’s gone now lol) right down to my pubic bone. It was jut like someone had sliced down a slab of (rather fatty) meat! I used to inspect it daily with a mirror and take regular photos on my mobile to track progress. It was deep to begin with but gradually got shallower with the amazing vacuum pump dressing they did. It was only done every 3rd or 4th day.

Once this completely healed I just had a tiny centimentre at top and bottom end of wound. I took a swab of the top one as I suspected it was infected so I had antibiotics for that and it promptly healed. It was the bottom one which took forever! (under the fatty bit that certain ladies who have had babies and like their food have) I’m wondering if yours is deeper if it’s needing packed?

Here’s hoping it will heal very soon! Are you due to start back on chemo once it’s healed?

K 💚💛💜❤️💙

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @chrissie,

I'm not familiar with the term PICCU. I did a quick search and found PICHU which referred to a form of wound debridement (a method of cleaning out a wound that won't heal). This would make sense in your case. The limited bit of information I found was based in India!

I think it probably best if you ask the nurse to explain what she meant.

Kindest regards,



It’s the vacuum called a PICO. Hope that makes more sense. Spoke to lead District Nurse and I will be referred back to my surgeon. Stupid question but why can’t the cavity just be left as it is if the wound has healed up? Possible infection? @Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Bear G

Hi @chrissie
Charlotte is away on hols now so won’t be able to answer you for a week. Sorry.
It’s a good question and I wish I could answer it.
May be a good question for your nurse.
Big hugs


Found it now it’s the vacuum pump @Bear G

Bear G

Apologies, just realised she's on hols next week so hopefully can get back to you tomorrow
I need to stop doing late night forum browsing!


@Bear G it’s called a PICO and it’s a vacuum device :x:



I had the vacuum pump (a different make) used on my wound for about 5 weeks (3 in Hospital and 2 at home) and it really was amazing how it all healed up! I used to look at it lying down in a mirror and take photos on my mobile and could see it improving at every dressing change. Sounds gross for some I suppose but I like to be fully informed 😂

Hope it all goes well,

K 💚💜💙💛❤️


Hiya @chrissie my husband had an operation where the wound didn't heal underneath. It had to be unstitched and the wound had to heal from the inside out, with daily dressings (and initially packing etc). He was going to have the vacuum pump and the staff at gp surgery raved about it. But because of wound positioning they went for another option which was totally surprising - pigs blood haemoglobin! Came in a little spray that was squirted into the wound. Rather messy, but we reckon it did kick start the healing process. However we also noticed a real active healing response when he started taking high strength, quality Garlic capsules. Hubby has ME so his body is slow to heal anyway. I took on the daily dressing changes for part of the week (trained first by the gp nurses) so we were keen to try anything that would aid recovery!

Like I said I have heard such good things about the vacuum pump - hope you get one and it goes well !
Keep us posted

Wendy :x::x::x:


Thank you. @Baxter2 I had one of the nurses take a photo on my wound so I could see how it looks. Like you I want to know everything, how often was pump changed/emptied?. Hi @Wendywood, thanks for the information, I really hope I can have pump as I live alone.


Hi @chrissie

The pump dressing was changed every 3 days initially in Hospital then it was sometimes 4 days when at home. In the beginning it was pretty painful so I was allowed gas and air (entenox) in Hospital but it did settle down and I didn’t need it after a few changes.

You have to carry the little pump around like a small shoulder bag and pop it down beside your bed at night but you quickly get used to it! The results were quite amazing!



Hi @chrisse
I have had the same my wound collapsed. I started off on district nurses packing daily but then had the pump. I have my pump changed twice a week now (on a 2 week break due to infection). The results are really good without the pump the wound wouldn't be as good as it is now.
As @ Baxter2 says you have carry it around and take it to bed etc but very quickly get used to it.
Hope you get on well with it as I did.
Good luck with it all :x::x:


Thanks @Tina65 hope to get some answers this afternoon. How much of the wound did they open and was it done in clinic or as day surgery? I’m type 2 diabetic so I don’t heal well anyway.


Hi @Chissie hope you gat all the answers you need today. My wound collapsed 2 weeks after surgery a bit of a set back as I was doing so well. I've had district nurses since 13th October packing redressing and pump change. It was quite uncomfortable to begin with as they had to use a lot of packing (wound size was 8cm by 7cm and 8cm deep) now I can't feel anything. After having pump it more than halved in size so really good results. It's worth giving it a go see how you get on with it.
Good luck :x:


I’ve seen the registrar today, he’s reopened the wound slightly so all the area underneath can be packed, go back in 4 weeks in the meantime go to the wound clinic. I asked about the pump but it’s not bad enough to need that. Thanks for all your help, I will keep you updated :x::x: