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dedicated to dom

Pip reassessment editing this as it’s meant to be esa assessment

Has anyone been asked to go in and be reassessed for pip.
Hubby has had it for about a year now, seems very unfair as it’s an extra worry we could do without. :x:


Hi @dedicated to dom that does seem very early. I only ever sent in the form and that was four years ago. I have always assumed that's because I'm stage 4 incurable but I don't really know. I hope someone else can tell you more and I agree it's added stress you just don't need. :x::x:

dedicated to dom

Thank you @Alwyn
He received a reminder text this morning saying it’s a capability assessment, when he first applied he was on a curative path, so maybe that’s why this is happening. I’m sure they could have just checked his medical records though instead of giving people extra stress :x:


Hello @dedicated to dom

I have no experience of PIP but applied for ESA through my specialist nurse, so would it be worth contacting your nurse for support?

It seems very unfair that you should be forced to jump through more hoops at a time like this.
Best wishes to you both :x::x:

dedicated to dom

We have just checked the letter and it’s not pip it’s from the dwp so that would be esa I assume, confused though as understood he’d be in the support group which as far as I understood meant no assessments

dedicated to dom

I have edited the title of post hopefully makes sense :x:


Hi @dedicated to dom That is unfair! I was awarded ESA Support Group and PIP and as I was on a curative path they said I would be re-assessed after 1 year so if there records are not up to date then thats probably why. Good luck and hopefully with a phone call to DWP you can get benefit continued with no need to re-assess. :x::x::x:


Hi @dedicated to dom my husband was awarded PIP jan 17 for 2 years and was reassessed in dec ? he lost 2 points-even though nothing has really changed so it was reduced a wee bit but has been awarded it till 2020 with a reassessment in may 2019 he also receives ESA in the support group but this has remained the same since he first go it , I agree that this causes stress you don’t need :x::x:

Polly 1

Hi @Stumpit can I ask was the re-assessment just done on paper or did he have a visit? :x:


@Polly 1 he had an assessor who came to our house :x:

Polly 1

Thank you @Stumpit seems daft to drop 2 points if nothing has really changed! I presume it has dropped from mobility to daily living? Glad he dosnt need another assessment until 2019.
My hubby was given just daily living for 3 years with reassessment after 2 which is this Autumn. Still ongoing peripheral neuropathy and currently on folfiri/cetux with liver and lung resections due.


@Polly 1 the 2points were dropped from the daily living in the preparing good section taking him from enhanced to standard ? OH has ongoing peripheral neuropathy from oxy given in 2016 after spending the last year on folifiri/centux he is currently on centuximab alone just finished no 6 today at present still inoperable and has been told will probably have to go back on chemo at some point ? I felt I had to keep stressing to the assessor that this was very much an ongoing situation ,cynical me thinks they dropped the 2 points to save a wee bit

Polly 1

You are probably right @Stumpit

My hubby only got standard daily living and nothing for mobility but I do claim carers allowance as I dont work anymore. There's quite a few things he struggles with due to his neuropathy although he does as much food preparation as he can with my help when needed.

Having an assessment is difficult as there is such a difference when someone is on the bad days of chemo or getting over a resection op and a 'normal' day as that depends on what they are trying to do.

I didnt think you could have cetuximab without 5fu or irinotecan?

All the best :x::x:


@Polly 1 maybe the rules are different in Scotland ? All I know is that while he was coping with the folfiri his bone marrow was telling a different story so the plan at present is to stay on centuximab alone until there is change ? hopefully your hubbys assessment goes well best wishes :x::x:

dedicated to dom

Thought I would update people, had the meeting today and the assessor couldn’t have been more apologetic, she had no idea why he was asked to go in, she said as soon as she saw the words chemotherapy, palliative etc she knew we shouldn’t have been there, and she’s complained to people higher up :x::x:


@dedicated to dom hopefully somebody will get there fingers rapped for causing unnecessary stress best wishes :x::x: