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david watt

Macmillion free wills this month offer

If stage 4 getting your affairs in order is better done sooner than later, they offer to send someone to your home to take down the details, if not done in time can cause problems for your family etc. Have not heard back from them yet, can take up to 3 weeks. Best wishes David


@david watt great advice, we have just registered for this too, Thank you David :x:

Bear G

Great idea @david watt

I have a will in place and have discussed it with my executor, I’ve even planned some of the details of my funeral. This isn’t defeatist in my opinion but aimed to help my loved ones.

It’s better to do this now than leaving it til the last minute.

Here’s the link to the right page:

It’s worth noting they state something like ‘you don’t have to leave anything to Macmillan but it would help’. Gifting to charities in your will is a great way to help them, I’ve nsmed Beating Bowel Cancer as a beneficiary in mine.

Thanks again David



Thanks @david watt

I think completing a will is a good idea for everyone whether they have a diagnosis of cancer or not. That said, I don’t have one as my hubby says I don’t need one but I disagree and have therefore registered today.



Thanks @david watt

Great idea have done a new will via my trade union and planned my funeral and last rights. Not morbid I am really happy that my partner will have little to worry about when I'm dispatched.

Cheers :x:


Thanks @david watt. As @GD1962 said some unions do it. Unison will do you and partner mirror wills for free. I started mine yesterday. Great idea to have in place :x::x::x:

Bear G

Just heard back from them and their will writer is coming round next week. Very efficient!

david watt

@Bear G I thought you already had a will sorted out? I got a phone call from them yesterday, but my guy is recovering from aussie flu so we said to leave the meeting till next Monday so as to avoid infection.

Bear G

Hi @david watt
I have a will but it’s a few years old so this is a good opportunity to update it!
Thanks again for flagging this


I was contacted today about mine and someone is coming to my house next week! I now need to think about what information I need for the initial meeting.



Both me and hubby have wills in place...... However I am about to start getting other stuff sorted - like passwords in one place, shutting online accounts I no longer use, making sure household utility accounts are in joint names etc. I have no intention of going anywhere for a long time but have a strong desire to sort everything out now whilst I feel so fit and well! (Starting first chemo on Thursday).

Interestingly enough I have just this minute finished reading this article about Swedish 'death clearing!