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The healing power of dogs

Des and I are great dog lovers and over our 40 year period of being partners we have owned 4 dogs 3 Scottish terriers and our latest dog ALFIE-BOE, {mini Doberman pinscher}
Going back a couple of months before des was diagnosed with cancer and the heart attack he had in the same week I had noticed how protective ALFIE-BOE had become towards DES he pined whenever Des left the room and had to know exactly where Des was at all times-even sitting outside the bathroom until he came out.
When we settled down for the night-watching television, reading or listening to music, ALFIE-BOE almost demanded to sit next to Des often indicating for me to let him close to Des- which I did willingly.
During these times ALFIE-BOE took to putting a paw on Deses hand and look him straight in the eye with great intensity he also seemed very interested in sniffing his hand with again great intensity also the bond between them both grew very strong and one night when I tried to sit next to Des , ALFIE-BOE jumped up on the settee and took the place where I had intended to sit.
I must admit looking back on all of this I am sorry I did not take more heed to what ALFIE-BOE was doing and perhaps even trying to let me know something with Des was certainly causing him to act in such a protective and almost hyper manner.
i always knew dogs were wonderful insightful animals i will never ignore the actions of ALFIE-BOE again especially in regards to his interactions with Des.
Des has indicated that ALFIE-BOE is going to be vital healing force during and after both his radiation and follow on operation-and i know this will be the case.


@Baxter2 - really good thank you. I’m going to do a post to explain why.

In the meantime here’s an extra hug 🤗 :x::x:


Brilliant news @StellieHB!

We need to read some good news!

K 💚💜💛💙❤️


So sorry about your dogs @Baxter2 . Baxter was beautiful, hoping for good news for Ellie. :x::x:


Oh @Baxter2 hope they can help Ellie. So upsetting when animals get ill. Iv got a lady coming to do a homemcheck then I'm planing on re homing a dog soon. :x::x:


Thank you both @Lizalou and @Swan.

Lovely news about re homing a dog swan! Do you have your eye on one in particular yet? When will you get your new dog? I was wondering about getting another dog in the future (shh, don’t tell Ellie!) but I don’t think I would for a variety of reasons.

.I was looking at and thinking about re-homing a couple of ex battery hens instead (shh, don’t tell my hubby!) we had 3 hens a few years back and I thought in my wisdom, that the dogs would get used to them.....wrong! After about six months I had to have them re homed with a friend who has a small farm before there was a horrific murder in the garden! I loved them though! ❤️



Dolly is very clean just now, courtesy of the snow and ice as it's all frozen and we have no mud. I managed to get her out for a ride today which was lovely. I have to plait her up as otherwise all the mane gets in the way and her forelock is so long that I would be concerned that she could not see out!



Oh i love this thread 💙 Reading about all your fur babies 😍😍 @Baxter2 big westie kisses for Ellie :x::x:


Thank you for the westie kisses @Sparkles!

Ellie’s going to start doggie chemo shortly which will be tablets administered fortnightly by the Vet. It’s hoped this will improve her disease and symptoms and improve her overall quality of life (and mine!)

Your girl is just gorgeous @Gypsy!

K 💚💜💙💛❤️


What a beautiful horse Dolly is. I'm very pleased Ellie is able to have doggy chemo @Baxter2. I'm taking my daughter to see a dog tomorrow. It's called Martha and is a staffie greyhound cross. Iv met her once and she seems lovely. :x::x:


Thank you @Swan

Oh fingers crossed Martha is for you! Let us know how the visit goes!



Hi @StellieHB

Loved you little sheltie Riley and very beautiful. I got a little present from my partner today called Bella, a little blue merle, means I have got the full set of sable and white, tricolour sheltie doggies. Coochy cooh bella xxx

Hugs and lots of love xxx

springer michelle

Oh GD1962 what a beauty :x:


Oh she’s adorable @GD1962! Busy times in your house!



@GD1962 I’m in love!! 😍 Don’t tell Riley! What a beautiful baby you have.


@GD1962, so lovely, what a gorgeous little face.:x::x:



AAAWWWWWW! What a little sweetie! @1234annie. My last dog was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Charlie. Now I am the original mad cat woman. :x::x::x:


She's my new baby girl @LynneW, her names Megan ❤ I also have Ruby and Arnold too. X