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Just a question I would like to ask - I have recently read an article about Curcumin tablets and it's health benefits. Would they be ok to give to my mum who has terminal bowel cancer? Any advice on this would be very helpful.


Hi @jules75 please check with your mums oncologist as curcumin and other types of supplements can affect the way chemotherapy works, if your mum is still having treatment. I do take curcumin tablets and also have as much turmeric as I can. This is best cooked with a Little black pepper, before using, as the pepper helps your body to digest the benefits to full effect. I have been off chemo for almost 2 years but my oncologist was strongly against me using anything until after treatment. Hope this helps Diane :x::x::x::x:


Hi @@jules75, I was just listening to a section on the radio about this 5 minutes ago ... Radio 4 You and Yours ... certainly interesting and perhaps they have more links ... :x::x::x:


Thanks DianeS and SariDaffs for replies. To be honest I had never heard of Curcumin tablets, until I read an article about a woman with blood cancer who was taking curcumin. I know there are no miracle cures/tablets etc,but , I think Curcumin wouldn't do mum any harm. :x::x::x:


Hi @jules75, this was the lady that they were interviewing I think. It seemed that the main drawback is that there are no specified dosages and also that the curcumin tablets were pretty expensive!


Hi @jules75! curcumin is basically high dose turmeric - turmeric & green tea are powerful natural anti oxidants / anti inflammatories and worth using in battles against cancer. I wasn’t told not to do curcumin tablets on my current chemo. It’s most effective fresh turmeric, black pepper & olive oil mixed ...can go with pasta and all sorts!! :x:


I've been taking curcumin (in tablet form, with black pepper to "activate" it) for the last couple of weeks, now I'm off chemo. This was on my oncologist's recommendation - this, plus baby aspirin (i.e. just a small 75mg dose) were her recommendations as "probably useful, with very little downside".

(Apparently baby aspirin is undergoing a clinical trial at the moment, but she said it's already deemed good for heart disease, and there was some suggestive evidence also for helping reduce bowel cancer).


Hi @CalmOnTheOutside I hope you don’t mind me clarifying the advice as far as I’m aware on babies/children and aspirin. I hope forum users don’t feel I’m patronising, as that is certainly not my intention. I just wanted to highlight the following:


The 75mg dose is also known as ‘low dose aspirin’ rather than ‘baby aspirin’ as far as I’m aware and is not suitable for babies except on a doctors advice.

Best wishes,

K ????❤️


@Baxter2 thanks, that's a good clarification - I didn't know how to describe the low dose asprin, so I fell back on an unhelpful metaphor... :(


Haha! No worries @CalmOnTheOutside!

I just noticed and thought I’d clarify as I know low dose aspirin can be dangerous for babies and kids. I didn’t want to merely assume everyone knew that but I guess they probably did anyway! ?

Hope all well with you.

K ????❤️


No problem @Baxter2 - all is well here. Chemo finished 4 weeks ago, in tomorrow for a colonoscopy to make sure it's all clear past where the tumour was. That's my evening sorted, then :)


Oh that’s good to hear @CalmOnTheOutside!

Ahh, yes, the joys of bowel prep! Don’t we just love it!

Seriously though, all the best for tomorrow and fingers and toes tightly crossed for good results!

Wil you let us know how it goes?

K ????❤️


@Baxter2 I'm delighted to say that the colonoscopy yesterday was all clear - surgeon said the join in the bowel looked great, and there were no polyps visible anywhere else. Good news! And I survived the bowel prep with only getting up 3 times in the night :)

Next up: early February CT scan, just to make sure the blighter hasn't popped up anywhere else while we weren't looking...


Oh this is brilliant news @CalmOnTheOutside!

Fingers crossed for amazing scan results too!

K ????❤️


Pleased to hear the good news - fingers crossed for the February scan :x::x:


Pleased to hear the good news about your colonoscopy - all the best for your CT. My husband had one done the Friday before Christmas and like the supportive spouse I am, I had a cold chicken sandwich for supper so as not to distress him with nice cooking smells. He glowered at me and said he was hungry enough to eat the plate:)


@CalmOnTheOutside my sisters oncologist has given her the ok to take Curcumin. Would you mind sending me a PM with the name of the company you are using? Many thanks ?


My understanding of this is that you need to take an awful lot of these rather expensive tablets and get nowhere near the same sort of 'dose' that you would with plain old turmeric powder at a fraction of the cost.

As has been said before, a tsp of tumeric mixed in a little oil (we use coconut oil) and black pepper and lightly fried before adding to food - is probably both the cheapest and most effective way of taking it. Available in 99% of stores too.

I also understand that it has a similar effect (or suggested to have) as avastin does, and this is an area you need to take particular care in.

Always ask your oncologist or surgeon, most are all for it, some ask you to wait til chemo is done. Very few feel it will cause harm on a day to day basis though.

We use it daily now, and I would never buy the capsules when I can keep a nice big tub of tumeric in my cupboard for cooking purposes too. I add it to all our soups.


I asked the nurse if it would be ok for mum to take the Curcumin tablets and she said they might be too strong for mum's stomach. After this advice I decided not to go ahead with getting the tablets.