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New year routine scan

My treatment has been successful, first chemo and radio followed by surgery. 17 lymph nodes no cancer. Told Cancer free. So not given any further treatment. My thoughts and concerns now due to scan and coloscopy in Feb are why no be given chemo to make sure?
I recognise I’m anxious because of the upcoming review but still confused at decision. Any thoughts welcome.
Also I wish everyone here my love and prayers for a better and healthy new year to all. God bless.

Bear G

Hi @Chas

I think the important thing to focus on is the fact that everything has been so successful for you with your treatment.
You ask why no chemo to be sure, the ongoing ‘maintenance’ chemo is generally an option for those of us unfortunate enough to have advanced disease which has spread to other organs. This is generally to help keep things under control. For you that’s not necessary as the disease hadn’t spread - your chemo, radio and surgery has done the job.
The strategy for you will most likely be scans and colonoscopies, the question to ask your team about is the frequency.
From now on you can focus on enjoying your life after this scare, congratulations, that’s a fab place to be.
Hope this helps
Big hugs


Than you @Bear G for your message. It’s my anxiety at the scans etc and outcomes. I was more positive when undergoing all the treatment! Weird. I have read about chemo as a mop up process hence my query. Best wishes.

Bear G

Hi @Chas
Anxiety around scans is quite normal, in fact we have a name for it - scanxiety!
If it helps, my approach is that if the scan is clear then it’s happy days, if the find something then that’s good too as anything they find will be fairly new and therefore easy to treat. It’s a win-win scenario. I still get nervous but this approach helps me keep it in perspective.
In terms of mop up chemo, that again varies from person to person and even between centres. Probably hadn’t needed to be offered you as there was no lymph involvement at surgery.


Thank you @Bear G for your message. This is a great forum and your support is so important. God bless. :x::x:


Hi @Chas. Nothing to add to @Bear G advice - I was given chemo as I had 2/17 lymph nodes affected but my friend who had no lymph nodes affected didn't.
Anyway just wanted to say congratulations and wish you a happy and healthy 2018 :x:


Hi @Kareno62 thank you for your message. Just read your profile. I sincerely hope your recovery continues through next year. God bless. :x::x:

springer michelle

Well done you're all clear, celebrate and think about scans later xx happy New year :x::x:


Happy New Year @springer michelle thank you. God bless :x::x:


So got phone call from surgeon yesterday, whilst bloods and colonoscopy are clear there is a spot on right lung that needs investigating planning another scan in 3/4 months time. So immediately fears have visited. Must find a way to control thinking and emotions.