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It has been a while since I posted on the forum but I do drop in time to time. Feeling slightly numb as have been told I need a Liver Resection in early January. The Oncologist has found a spot and said he thinks this is 80% cancer and 20% not. On the plus side the spot they are worried about is small and I will not need chemo before or after as I am 4 years on from bowel cancer. I also have a good chance of cure. I really valued the suport of my forum friends when battling cancer the first time around and I think I will be needing you again.
It looks like op will be at Hammersmith. But determined to give cancer a bloody good boot up the you know what lol.



@nat they are a great team and all the nurses I had on the ward were fab. Help you with anything. Your not alone I was terrified before my liver op way more so than my bowel but it was a lot smoother really. They also have a specialist drug team so pain medication should be managed very well- my advice be honest about side effects and pain There is all sorts they can do to keep you comfortable. Let us know how you get on when your out the other side :x::x::x:


@nat oh and any questions just ask!


Hiya @nat, good luck with your liver op next week. I found the liver op easier to recover from than the bowel, I certainly hope the same applies to you.
I am going in for my liver re-do on the 9th. Jan, yikes! I know what you mean by the collywobbles.
Keep in touch when you are able, and good luck.:x::x:


Best of luck for 2nd Jan @nat hope all goes well :x::x:


Thankyou @Caraeliz24, that is really kind and thank you @Clancy. I am starting to feel a little better after reading your posts which really helps. I was pretty ill after the bowel op which is why the nerves are starting to come out now I am getting nearer to the date. I also will be having open surgery unfortunately due to where the spot is. But it is good to hear the experiences of those who have been through the same op. Good luck @Clancy for 9th Jan. Also thank you to @Drummercraig.

Thank you to everyone for their support and wishing a happy and healthy new year. Here is to kicking Cancer's butt!


@nat - me too open with a Mercedes incision as they call it. I was in an out of hospital in a week, by far my easiest stint in hospital. Good luck. #cockoffcancer here is to 2018 and making each day count!


@Clancy good luck with yours too!!!


Hi @nat , so sorry to read this. We were doing so well! I wish you all the best going forward and so glad it was small and contained. I’m not on scans anymore, just blood tests. How come you had a scan Nat? Nice guidelines say blood tests only after 3 years post treatment? It was really
Lucky it was spotted. I’m asking my gp if I can have a scan on anxiety grounds now as it’s 9 months since my last one. Really thought we may be out of the woods after this long. Just goes to show you just can’t tell. Well, lots of love, and good luck.:x::x::x:


Just a quick update - surgery was delayed for 2 weeks from 2 Jan as I have been battling sinniusitis ( sure that is not correct spelling lol). Feeling a bit miserable but obviously the right decision was made in Iight of potential complications after. Thank you to everyone again for their support. :x:


Sorry to hear of the delay @nat but it makes perfect sense of course. Hopefully you’ll be in for the op very soon!!

Best wishes,



Thankyou @Baxter2. Just heard op is now 16th. Fingers crossed :x::x::x:


Not too long to wait now @nat. Just concentrate on getting well in preparation for your op!

K 💚💜💛💙❤️

El Ivan

Good luck with upcoming operation @nat :x:


Hello @nat

Hope all goes well with your op, good luck :x:


Good luck @nat.:x::x:


Thank you @El Ivan @GD1962 and@Clancy. Nerves are setting in now I know the new date but also looking good forward to getting it out of the way :x::x::x:


You’re a rock Nat.


Good luck @nat :x::x:


The liver people at Hammersmith are great @nat Had my re-section done there and im due another op very soon!

All the best for it, it's gonna be fine!:x:


Thank you@Sean. Good luck for your next op. :x::x::x::x: