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It has been a while since I posted on the forum but I do drop in time to time. Feeling slightly numb as have been told I need a Liver Resection in early January. The Oncologist has found a spot and said he thinks this is 80% cancer and 20% not. On the plus side the spot they are worried about is small and I will not need chemo before or after as I am 4 years on from bowel cancer. I also have a good chance of cure. I really valued the suport of my forum friends when battling cancer the first time around and I think I will be needing you again.
It looks like op will be at Hammersmith. But determined to give cancer a bloody good boot up the you know what lol.



Hi @nat, I hope you are feeling better. I must admit that recovery from my second liver resection was slower than the previous one. I think maybe because I am more conscious of hernia/keloid scarring, so I took things a lot slower. I think we forget that the liver is the power house of our bodies and has taken a battering. Hope the MR scan is good, take care.:x::x:


Hi @nat

Sorry to read you are having a problematic recovery, can fully empathise as although I'm back at work I'm still taking co-codamol 30/500 about three or four times daily for the odd niggle. But quite by accident co-codamol has been good for treating my neuropathy in my feet and hands.

So make sure that you are gentle with yourself, accept help, take the pain killers as you deserve every kindness as people are generally very good and will help you. That said, hope MRI and other aspects go very well for you.

Hugs :x::x::x::x:


Hi @El Ivan @GD1962 @Clancy and @angepange . Thank you for all your kind words. I am sorry it has taken me a while to reply as my tablet would not let me onto the forum. Thank you also for the reassurance re recovery as it seems from what you are saying that all is perfectly normal. It helps to hear it from people in the same position. I think I am just an impatient patient lol. I had my MRI yesterday so am hoping to chase a consultants appointment for results. Good luck guys with your own recovery and thank you for your support :x::x::x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


Sorry to read that your recovery is a bit of a challenge @nat! It sounds like the others have offered some reassurance based on their own experiences. I have to admit, my liver resection was a breeze compared with bowel and CRS/HIPEC Surgery that’s for sure! Just shows the variations in recoveries! All of our ops, surgeons, and bodies are unique!

Sending lots of love,



Hope you're feeling better each day @El Ivan !

El Ivan

Thanks @CD1966 getting there steadily. Hope your brother is doing okay?


I hope you are ok @nat, I so sorry you are going though this again but excellent news they got it early. Are you having any chemo? If you fancy a coffee or meet up let me know, we probably live very close to eachother! :x:


Thanks @El Ivan - he's not too bad at the moment. His leg seems a little better after the big blast of radiotherapy 6 months or so ago, and he's back on his chemo with some Xilonix added, which his onc is getting in from the US specially. We're just hoping that his next scans will show that all the spots which had started 'grumbling' (his onc's phrase) last scan will have retreated back again...

Really glad to hear you're getting there. Slow and steady!

Quote from @El Ivan:
Thanks @CD1966 getting there steadily. Hope your brother is doing okay?


Hi guys. Wanted to share my good news with you. I have been told the histology results show that there was no cancer in my liver when they took out the spot. I say spot - it appears they took out a 10cm cyst. I will find out more about that when I have my follow up but it seems the results from the mdt meeting indicate they are not worried. To say I am over the moon is a hugh understatement. I am not sure why they left it until now to tell me it was not cancer but the end result is worth it. At my first follow up I did ask if it was cancer that was taken out and was told I would have to wait for the mdt discussions so I have assumed all this time it was. I have found this operation so hard going and hats and heart off to those who have endured it a number of times. You are all super stars and heros in my eyes. Best wishes and good luck to all those having chemotherapy and surgery at the present time.


Hi @nat, fabulous news. Sending positive hugs.:x::x:


Oh this is amazing news @nat! Best news you could have imagined!

Lots of love and ver6 best wishes!



Fabulous news @nat :x::x:


Brilliant news :x::x:


So pleased for you :x::x:


What a super ending :x::x::x::x:


@nat - great news


Very happy news indeed @nat! ☺️ :x::x:


Thanks guys - it is still sinking in how lucky I have been and a major wake up not to take life for granted. :x::x::x::x::x::x::x:


So pleased for you @nat. I bet your emotions are all over the place at the moment so take things easy. :x::x:

Polly 1

What fantastic news @nat :x: