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Lung resection ...

Thankyou to the lovely people who sent me messages, wishing me luck for today. However the operation was cancelled this morning at 11am, after me arriving at 7am, fasting and being gowned up. This is now my fourth cancellation since diagnosis (2x Liver resection, 1x RFA and now 1x lung resection) and on each occasion we (Husband and I) were insured that ‘lessons would be learned?!’ We now have no choice but to complain (again) via pals but this time seeing it through! It really does go-against-the-grain with us, but just can’t allow this to happen for a 5th time. I couldn’t even bring myself to reschedule my operation as I was so upset and just wanted to go home. To add salt in the wound, the Deputy Chief Exec’s, PA (who we insisted on seeing btw, as we were was told the Dept Chief was in ‘meetings’ all day) told us how much empathy they had for our situation. Really!?
So sorry to have a whinge on here. I’m just gutted that once again bureaucracy has got in the way of a basic duty of care and we are sick of being in fear of cancellations every time I have an operation booked in. ? :x::x:


Thankyou @Rach. My feet are firmly up and watching 'Home Alone' for the 100th time. I never tire of that guys screaming with the spider ?.
Hope all is good with you and your lovely family and have a wonderful Christmas too ? :x::x::x:

Quote from @mem:
Charley B that is great news re hubby! 3cm is an impressive margin and I’m so glad to hear about the other two nodules too. Yes, there are a few of us ‘sharkys on here now. Im starting to look like a blooming road map! I will be keeping everything tightly crossed for Monday for you both.
Love to you all ☃️

Thankyou @mem, yes he took more than a normal section as said hubby would recover quicker for the next operation, can`t rem what he called it but it was about half the left lower lobe. He also took all the lymphs around that area, and again luckily no cells were found.
So glad you are home and with feet up!! make sure you keep up your meds, we were told this is one of the most painful ops! :x::x::x:


Hi @mem the boys met Santa at the golf club today and loved getting their face painted xx


Hi @mem, sorry I missed this news. Glad to hear the Operation went well. Hope you are resting up and feel a bit better by Christmas! :x:


Thankyou @Ben81 ?. Operation 'get fit for Christmas' is well on its way! Happy Christmas to you. lots of love ☃️ :x::x:


Aww @Jorton what lovely pictures of your boys! Loving those Christmas jumpers too. How where they with Santa? I bet your'e a very proud Dad indeed ☺️.
Heres a pic of my two grand fellas helping their Mummy decorate the tree (sort of ?) believe it or not its quite hard to get a picture of them both together! Chalk and cheese. xxx


This is my daughter and grand boys ? xxx


Lovely pics @mem

Kids were fine with Santa. They were more scared of the emporer pidgeon at tropical world this morning. It was chasing them around ??


ha ha! Damn those emperor pigeons @Jorton ?! Aww bless them, glad they were ok with the big man though ?? :x::x:


Lovely pics of your gorgeous daughter and grand boys @mem!

Hope you’re getting plenty rest and grandma cuddles

K ????❤️


Aww thankyou @Baxter2. Trying to stop the littlest from jumping on me when they visit, isn't easy! But they do give the best cuddles ever ☺️. Hope you're enjoying lots of Grandma time too ? :x::x:


I certainly am @mem. It’s amazing how they just melt your heart. :x::x::x:


Sending love @mem and hope your recovery is going well ? :x::x:


Lots of love back to you @Sparkles and thankyou, it's definitely getting there ??? :x::x::x:


@mem love to you lovely lady, rest up and fingers crossed for a speedy straight forward recovery. Them boys and your girl are the best medicine hey xxxxxx?????


Hi @kellyh15. Thankyou, they certainly are the best medicine! Hope you are well lovely lady and sending lots of love back to you ? :x::x:


Hey @mem, (that gorgeous girl) ... I'm so happy that you finally got your surgery after all that nonsense.. your shark bite is very impressive! You made me laugh about the sprouts not staying down if you whip it out at Christmas dinner LOL ♥️
Your daughter and grandsons are just gorgeous- lovely genetics there :)

Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. . Best wishes for a speedy recovery.... Relax! Love and hugs :x::x::x:


Lovely family photos @mem. Hope your recovery is going well and you are still resting. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family love D :x::x::x::x::x:


Thankyou lovely @Sparrow ?. That is very kind of you to say re my daughter and grandboys. They are very special indeed and all three of them certainly keep me on my toes!
Hoping all is well with you and your lovely family. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and New year :x::x::x:


Thankyou again @DianeS. My recovery is going really well. I'm still being a tad lazy so I'm sure that will be helping (well thats what Im telling everyone anyway ?.)
Happy Christmas and New year to you too. Have a wonderful time. Lots of love Marie ?:x::x::x::x: