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i not been on much but i have been looking lot on page but just asking can the bowel cancer cause pain it the back and headaches for the 2 weeks had a lot lately i was told a year ago i had the cancer and cant get any treatment because of my other health problems but don't want to run to the Dr for pains that come and go thanks for listening to me going on

Bear G

Hi @tom1951

I can’t answer your question but am tagging @Charlotte Nurse Advisor for her opinion.

In the meantime, I’d advise that if you’ve had pains and headaches for 2 weeks then you should call your GP for a checkup.

When you speak with the receptionist remember to mention you have a cancer diagnosis so they’ll get you in sooner.

Hope you get a good answer soon.
Big hugs


Hi @tom1951 all I can say is don’t accept that you have to sit there in pain. My husband had a lot of lower back pain and whilst the oncologist and local GP did try and help with various pain killers it wasn’t until we saw an actual pain specialist that my hubby was more comfortable. There should be a pain specialist that your oncologist can refer you to, they’re usually part of the palliative care team. Definitely worth asking, then they can work with you to manage your symptoms and make you much more comfortable. My husband needed quite a lot of morphine to help ease his back pain but it seems to be a lot better now, so he’s working with the pain specialist to reduce his doses now.:x::x:


Talked to nurse at treatment room today and she got some bloods done case my blood is low said that can cause headaches the palliative care nurse should be here next week i say to her about the pain in my back and because they can do no treatment i'am not under any Oncologist any more they took me off there list for they can do nothing for me i did phone Dr today and they said Dr will call me back in afternoon but never got a call back so hard to see a dr as all the receptionist says is i leave Dr a message

Bear G

Hi @tom1951
It's great that you've made contact with your medical team and they're checking your bloods, that's an important first step.
A Dr call back would be perfect for you, I'd suggest calling again this morning to remind them that you didn't get the call back yesterday.
Alternatively, can you call your palliative care nurse directly?

Charlotte Nurse Advisor

Dear @tom1951,

I would say that it is important to see preferably your palliative care team or your GP as soon as possible to get your pain managed promptly.

Are you able to contact your palliative care nurse and ask her to come out to see you before next week?

Best wishes,



yes my wife told me tonight she will ring the the Dr in the morning in morning as that's they way they do it now you ring in and they call you back and talk to you before they give appointment but if not hear from them by lunch she will ring the palliative care nurse as when she rings they put her straight through to the Dr


I hope you manage to see your GP today @tom1951 or at very least, your palliative care Nurse. Sending lots of good wishes and strength to you and your wife K ????❤️


Hello @tom1951

If you cannot get hold of your GP or palliative care team, then you should have an out of hours service locally at weekend and evenings. I work in out of hours and they prioritise patients with cancer or palliative care and a GP or nurse would come out to see you. So if you are stuck on a bank holiday , weekend or an evening you can always give them a call.

all the best :)


well i got x-rays of my back to day and if nothing to show in it will be getting a CT too the palliative nurse call my GP and got it all sorted all so she called to see me today and we had a good talk and she told me that the blood tests i get done ever 4 weeks will be able to tell if anything is changing and if the cancer is spreading to the liver or kidneys and the chest consultant i see for my C.O.P.D will be keeping a eye on my lungs was good to have a good talk to the palliative care nurse she was so good letting me ask all my question and kept asking if there was anything else i need to ask her


@tom1951 , I'm so pleased to hear that you are getting more support. :x::x:

Quote from @Daffodil:
@tom1951 , I'm so pleased to hear that you are getting more support.



Hi @tom1951

Sounds like things are looking a little more settled for you. I hope you’ve got your pain under control too?

Sending all my very best wishes,

K ????❤️


Hello @tom51

Glad that your nurse was able to answer your questions and tackle your pain relief problems..

All the best ;)


thanks still got pain in my back but meds are keeping it down a bit so hope the x-rays will tell me what the pain is