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Looking for shared experiences, reassurance. I had a re-section in July and I am about to do my 6th chemo. Over the last ten days there has been a change in my stools very dark and blood. No pain or soreness, just slight stomach ache, a bit like low key period pain
I told my Oncologist yesterday and she has recommended scan and colonoscopy. Has anyone else had this change in stools and what did it turn out to be? Thanks and best wishes to each of you


Hi @Lawsey, sorry, I never experienced this, hopefully others might read and advise you.

Glad that your oncologist is on the case, hopefully it will just be a chemo side effect.

Bear G

Hi @Lawsey
My poo changed a lot during chemo in both colour and consistency.
You’ve done the right thing telling your oncologist and the colonoscopy will give you the answers I’m sure.
Big hugs


Hi @Lawsey
Yes this is exactly what I have at the moment - same symptoms !
I discussed with my team and they didn't seem worried and as @Bear G said they put it down to chemo effects.
Hope this help to ease your mind :x::x:


Lizalou Bear Clairelou you are Angels I feel less frightened and alone and i have achieved my 6th chemo. Love to each of you :x::x::x:


@Lawsey, well done you for achieving your 6th chemo, I know it hasn’t been easy for you. I have just finished no 3 ?
Sorry to hear you have been worried but it sounds as if having a colonoscopy and scan is the way to go. Main thing is that your team are listening to you. Big hugs, try not to worry too much, it sounds as if others have had similar experiences and was chemo related.
Take care, Jane :x::x::x:


Thank you Jane. Did you get to the party with the girls ? :x::x:


@Lawsey I did ? Had a lovely time catching up and some medicinal prosecco and took cabs!! Great day and not neutropenic when I had blood test on Monday :x::x:


Hey that's great so happy to hear it just shows we need the odd lift too, e.g. take the risk and enjoy - xxxx Good news re bloods :x::x::x:


@Lawsey, it was a great boost, I felt almost normal again and it was lovely to catch up with old friends ?
How are things with you now? Any date for your scan? Have been wondering how you are doing ......
Jane :x::x::x: