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Another Stoma?

Morning all.
I have been in the background lately after having a reversal of Ileostomy 7 weeks ago. I can’t believe this journey started nearly a year ago and the help and support I have had on here has been a godsend to me and the family. Now I need help again...... I have developed a recto vaginal fistula! CT yesterday and saw Surgeon. The plan is.... MRI next week, hospital admission on @7th for examination under anaesthetic and proceed to close fistula which will mean another Stoma while wound heals. I am so scared, I was still after the reversal, I had a GI bleed and then an Ileus. When I had the Stoma (Twinkle), life wasn’t too bad, I coped ok. I now have to make a decision whether to have the Stoma temporary or permanent. Anyone else been in this situation? Love to all. :x:


Update.... been today for examination under anaesthetic. The surgeon found a fistula near the original suture line. He has plugged it with protein plasma and also inserted a Seton stitch. Back to see him next week and possible Stoma 2 weeks time to allow it to heal. Don’t think there are any other options. Thanx for all your support. :x::x::x::x:


Poor you. Hope it heals well and that you are not too uncomfortable. Best wishes :x::x::x:


Oh goodness @poshbird and @Scattyblonde I feel for both of you suffering this. Sending you both the biggest hug and really hope things improve very soon. K 💚💛💙💜❤️


@poshbird @Scattyblonde , I hope I don't sound patronising - but you poor poor things , you have all my sympathy. After everything you've both already been through !!!
Do your doctors know what caused this ? Is this a common thing ?
Golly I'm so angry for you both :x::x:


@AliceB my doctor thinks it might have been a weakness created during dilation of the stricture formed at the join as the fistula is just above the join. Apparantly its actually quite rare. :x::x::x:


@Scattyblonde , god it just seems sometimes like the cancer part of bowel cancer is just half of it ! :x::x:


Had exploratory surgery yesterday. A fistula was found on the anastamosis site. Surgeon has plugged it with plasma protein and put a Seton stitch in. Back to see him next week to discuss whether I need a temp Ileostomy to aid healing. He is talking to other colleagues for more advice, he knows I don’t want another Stoma. :x::x:


Another update, looks like the surgery didn’t work, I have been up all night losing BMs. So so painful. Don’t want to carry on now


Hi @poshbird. I’ve just been reading through your updates and so sorry to hear you’re having a such tough time of it. Is there anyone you contact today after your bad night? Have you got adequate pain relief? I don’t know what else to say other than you have to carry on. You have come soooo far with this crap already, don’t let it defeat you. There is many a time I have also said exactly the same whilst suffering but you WILL look back at this time and think thank God I’ve got through this and it’s now behind me. You’re far more important than this bloody disease and all that it brings, don't ever forget that. Sending you love, a huge supportive hug and healing wishes🤞. We will be right here with you. :x::x:

springer michelle

So sorry, huge hugs coming your way :x::x:


Sending you the biggest hugs @poshbird @Scattyblonde really sorry you have so much to deal with at the moment :x::x::x:


@poshbird , I'm really sad to see your latest updates .
I would feel exactly the same as you , I know I can't imagine how challenging it is . But as mem says , you've already come so far , please just hang on .
I'm not a religious or spiritual person , but over the last 3 my mantra is "this too shall pass" , I shall be saying it for you tonight :x::x:


@poshbird so sorry you are having such a painful horrible time. Did you get any relief yesterday? Typical how the worst always seems to happen at a weekend. Please hang in there. Thinking of you and sending big hugs :x::x::x:


Hi @poshbird. Also just reading through this and wanted to check in this morning to see how you are? I am so sorry things have gotten so bad for you and really hope that they have been able to manage the pain. Really thinking of you and sending you a big cyber hug and lots of positive thoughts :x::x::x::x:


Thankyou all, just had a call. Seeing Surgeon lunchtime. Will keep you posted :x::x:


I’m also so sorry to read of your suffering @poshbird. Hopefully the surgeon will have another trick up his/her sleeve! Sending hugs and lots of good wishes K 💚💙💛💜❤️


@poshbird , just wanted to check in on you this morning .
Glad to hear you will be speaking to the surgeon soon . Thinking of you :x:


Update.... seen by the Surgeon today. He thinks there is a bigger fistula higher up. I go in next Friday for repai but have to have another Stoma while it all heals. Just got to get through till next week. :x::x:


Hi @poshbird

This all sounds so miserable for you. It must be so frustrating to have that operation, only for it to show up even more of a complication. The only consolation (and it is not much of a consolation ) is that another stoma should actually be much more easy to deal with than all this.

As @AliceB says, it is bad enough having cancer, no one thinks about all these horrible extras that come with it.

I really hope you get through the next few days without too much discomfort. :x::x: